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Current GD Topics-Now is the time to change the Juvenile Age..?

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Now is the time to change the Juvenile Age..?


  1. Decision should be taken on basis of figures which clearly tells that in 45% of rape cases juveniles above age 16 are involved. 
  2. Juveniles at the age of 16 understand physical intercourse, and are also aware of the benefits that they can avail under the juvenile act if they are caught. 
  3. In the present world, even the mortality rate is declining, and people tend to get mature much before as compared to the old times. So, it is the high time to move with the time.
  4. The benefit of juvenile law is spreading in the world, and now even the Lashkar-e-Taiba group has asked his team to declare their age under 18 if they are caught with weapons. 
  5. There was a rise of 60% in juvenile rape cases in 2013 as compared to the cases recorded in the year 2012. 
  6. The juveniles are getting immense courage under the law to go ahead and commit the same crime again. Even if the age can’t be changed, take some tough measures to stop this brutality. 


  1. Juveniles as the term itself means immature young people who always deserve a second chance to walk on right path.
  2. The court is here in the country to offer justice. It is not a tool to be used for the retribution purposes. 
  3. In India the legal age of marriage for a girl is 18 years and for boys is 21 years. So, if the government wants to amend the juvenile law, please they should consider the legal marriage age too.
  4. The minimum voting age in India is 18 years, and if juveniles get the knowledge of right and wrong at age of 16, the voting age should also be changed.
  5. Juveniles are influenced by the external factors that take the decisions on impulse and regret later. The need is to change their mind set, and allow them to become a better person.