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Current GD Topics-Water resources should be nationalized

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Water resources should be nationalized

Nationalizing water resources would mean the control of handling all water resources like Dam’s, rivers, pipes etc. would be handled nationally or by the state.


  1. Nationalizing water resources would stabilize and equalize water supply throughout the nation.
  2. Just like electricity, even water is available in abundance in some parts of the country while some have scarcity. This can be reduced.
  3. Most of the times inter-state disputes arise.
  4. Floods, droughts can be handled effectively.


  1. Nationalizing water resources is not something that can be done overnight. This process can take years.
  2. All the states need to mutually agree on all terms and conditions. This negotiation can be a big task in itself.
  3. The basic need of any species is water. The citizens of any nation want irregular water supply. Most of the times, the urban areas get water while the rural areas are taken for granted. As long as water is distributed “equally” nationalizing may not make much of a difference.