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Current GD Topics-NGOs - Do they serve people's interests or are they pressure groups?

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NGOs - Do they serve people's interests or are they pressure groups?

Non Government Organization or NGO is an organization which works for the people to protect the interest of people. They are the voice of people. The number of NGOs in India is increasing day by day.


  1. NGO's serve peoples interest positively by utilizing the funds that come either from foreign countries or native countries for their development without being pressurized by any other section.
  2. These organizations have come into the picture to protect the interests of people of the country.
  3. They are also the representative of general public to voice against any issue that goes against their interests. 
  4. NGOs have shown that they are in a better position to handle social issues than the government. 
  5. They reach out to people in rural areas where it is very inconvenient to reach and understand their concerns and try to improve their lives with the aid which they get from foreign countries, companies, government bodies. 
  6. They run various programs which are responsible for sudden and decisive increase in self employment, level of education, woman empowerment etc.


  1. The NGOs have a major role to play in politics as they serve peoples opinion.
  2. As they enjoy lot of support from a large portion of population which make them powerful.
  3. They are so powerful that they can make or break a business.
  4. They work hard to solve general public issues and in order to do that they pressurize the concerned authority.
  5. Some NGOs are working only to evade taxes and not for the welfare of general public.