3 important parameter in GD

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How should you make your points in GD?

When a candidate speaks to his/her point in a group discussion, the moderator will judge him/her on three parameter, They are


2.Verbal communication

3. Non Verbal communication



The point that are about to make must-

Express richness (diversity/innovation) of your thought

Be structured

Express your knowledge (fact/quote) on the topic

Be relevant to the topic and the point that the group might be discssing at that moment


Verbal communication

The way you put your content/point forward is also very important. It must -

Be simple and devoid of any jargons.

Be precise and short

Not be extreme in thoughts

Be practicals rather than ideal

Express modulatiion in your voice


Non Verbal communication

While you are making your point your body language speaks simultaneously. It tells a lot about you. While speaking  you must-

Maintain eye contact with all the members

Body should be relaxed and calm

Hand movements should be controlled