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Current GD Topics-Is it fair to call ‘Hindutva’ to be the cultural identity of India?

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Is it fair to call ‘Hindutva’ to be the cultural identity of India?


The recent comment by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on the cultural identity of India has raised many questions on our secular India. Such comments on the religion and remarking the country with the same opens up the debate for each one of us regarding the status of equality with respect to religion in the country. Such remarks denoting the Hindus and their supremacy definitely come up with lot many views and opinions and displays a wide band of spectrum in front of the Indians. The recent comment on the binding force of India to be Hindutva has confronted many queries. Now, is it fair to say ‘Hindutva’ to be the cultural identity of India?

For :

  1. Majority of the inhabitants in India being Hindus, we can call the Hindutva to be the cultural identity of India.
  2. India also has a name ‘Hindustan’ which in itself emphasizes upon it being the Hindu inhabitant state.
  3. We also call our country ‘Bharat’, a name which again arises from the Hindu mythology. We don’t have any other nomenclature for India from the epics of other religion.

Against :

  • India is a secular state and we give equality to all the religions in all aspects. Hindu religion is one among the various other religions in the country.
  • Indian democratic set up and its constitution has nothing to categories Hindutva as a superior one to all others.
  • The binding factor in India is the feeling of oneness and the essence of patriotism comes from the term Indians. Hindutva has nothing to do with the binding force.
  • The religions have no role to play in providing the cultural identity. We have a diversified culture and so we are unique in the world.