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Your Resume is the First Interface with Your Employer

How important to have a good resume to bring into an interview?    A resume is your identification card, something unique about you, to show prospective employers who and what you are.  Your resume shows an employer that you care about a) your time and b) their time.  It shows that you cared enough to take the time out of your day to create an informational page about your past job experience, education and contact info to give them so that they would take note of why they would hire you.


Your resume is the first interface you have with your employer. Make the most of this opportunity............. The employment market is changing all the time and so have resumes, evolving from a one-size-fits-all standard. Here are our tips to convert your resume into a catching on.interview.


99% of all companies require a resume. A Professional Resume makes you short list for job.


A good resume as opposed to an ordinary one has basic information listed, usually at the top and continues with education and job experience.  Sometimes you can put information about hobbies and things like that, but it is not recommended.  A good resume is one that grabs their attention and gives them a first impression of you on paper so that they will be interested and curious to meet this person, you.


If you are serious about wanting that interview, your resume must:

Be neat and clean

Be well written

Emphasis your strengths as they relate to the job description

Detail your employment (educational) history

Include experiences that made you a better person 

Have a cover letter that states why you would love to work for this company and why you would be a perfect fit

Kept it three pages or less



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