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Current GD Topics-Universal Disarmament Is a Must

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Universal Disarmament Is a Must


  1. Universal Disarmament is the dire need of the hour.
  2. With this step the whole world will become a beautiful and peaceful place to live in.
  3. Matters can be solved peacefully. Using of weapons to solve every problem is not the solution.
  4. Universal Disarmament is a great step to restore peace in the world and also very important step from humanity’s point of view.
  5. The relations between countries will be more congenial as they will be based on mutual understanding and not on the fear of weapons a country has.


  1. In order to protect their own home country from terrorists, criminals and dishonest people every country must have weapons.
  2. In the present scenario, where every country is competing in maximizing their nuclear weapons it is not possible to adopt a policy like Universal Disarmament.
  3. We need to produce more weapons to protect our country from the neighboring countries.
  4. A country having large number of weapons is considered powerful in today’s time.
  5. Universal Disarmament won’t solve the biggest problem of the world which is terrorism, which is threat to global peace.