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Current GD Topics-Reservation for women would help the society

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Reservation for women would help the society


  1. There is no valid point till date which makes any women unequal in comparison to a man.
  2. Giving reservation to women would give them encouragement. They would not be recognized in society as mere “domestic” workers.
  3. Reservation should not be given to treat them superior; it should be given to help people understand that they are equal. This is because, few communities in India still believe in “female foeticide”. Little do they know that it’s a woman that delivers a man


  1. If women need to do something for the society and country, there is no need for reservation.
  2. Instead of concentrating on reservation, the society can be improved by concentrating on other ethical issues.
  3. There have been many great and famous women in politics that did what they could for society. They didn’t any special reservation!
  4. Women may undoubtedly take advantage of reservation to defend themselves.
  5. Although reservations should be encouraged and Like they say “Great powers come with great responsibility”, it should become a moral responsibility of women to not misuse the same.