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Current GD Topics-Do you advocate Decentralization in an organization?

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Do you advocate Decentralization in an organization?


  1. When it comes to a larger organization that has offices at various locations, centralization cannot be followed. Decentralization is must for efficient performance. 
  2. In an organization, there is definitely the need of experts in a team who can look after the specific tasks of an organization. 
  3. The process is about involving everyone in the planning, and when inputs come from various people, the manager has more options to choose from.
  4. Decentralization is the other name of delegation of authority that enhances employees’ morale and encourages them to deliver better. 
  5. It is essential that functions should be diversified in an organization. Also, on economic front it adds more employment opportunities. 


  1. Decentralization can create a mismatch of work allocation. Some employees have to work more while some have to work less creating problems in organization.
  2. When a particular function is assigned to someone who alone is responsible for the work, it can lead to problems when he leaves the job. 
  3. The process involves higher costs and can lead to the unwise practices of duplication of functions. 
  4. It results in a complex organizational structure where it is tough to maintain uniformity leading the inefficiency in work. 
  5. The decentralization results in the ego clashes between the employees that is not favorable for any organization.