MBA GD Topics

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MBA GD Topics

* Is India moving towards people management?

* Education in India – burden or opportunity?

* Football means to India? 

* IT chain puller of Indian economy.

* Indian Philosophy in the world?

* Human relations vs. Materialistic things?

* Globalization how real is it?

* Black-darkness or beam.

* Education vs. literacy.

* History spoils us or built us?

* Unique identification number.

* Is rural India strength for India?

* Indian agriculture system.

* Aviation needs good engineers or management?

* 2012 is rumor or reality?

* Business money or fame?

* Taxation policy (2010) savings or fascination?

* NGOs or Independent helping.

* Death of Socialism

* Women –burden or backbone?

* Kids are more careers oriented.

* European management system in Indian management system.

* Reality shows.

* Politics another career option?

* Pygmalion affects how much effective?

* A fool or an arrogant star?

* Study or extracurricular activity is the driven force to success?

* CCR –SLR which should be given more important?

* Credit card spoiling habits?

* Machine over man or man over machine?

* Movies made in Bollywood for Hollywood

* Models turn actors.

* Innovation –how much is it required?

* Discovery vs. invention.

* Spiritualism is a curtain to crime?

* We or you?

* Tranquility satisfaction or success?

* Prostitution excuse or intent?

* 2012 certain or uncertain?

* Sex conversion –way to reach goal or feel good factor?

* Theory or practical?

* MBA or PGDM?

* A fool or a competitive jerk?

* Dose really Placebo affects?

* “Avatar” a turning point.

* India leader or follower in 20th century?

* Rajneeti vs. kites.

* Team worker or a Leader?

* Davinci code.

* Role of IT in other managerial functions (required)?

* Interview or GD?

* Management or technology –contributed to Indian development?

* Blue eyes.

* Reason for tourism in India –business or tourist place?

* Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour

Is Group discussion is very important in MBA Selection process

Typically a management institute employs more than one method of screening the candidates in admission process. At most of the B-school the selection process comprises the following.
Written test, Group Discussion (GD),Interview

As a manager, you will always be working in teams, as a member or as a leader. Therefore how you interact or work in a team becomes an important criterion for your selection. That is the reason why management institutes include GD as a component of the selection procedure.”

The role of GD & Interview in MBA selection process

why a group discussion required? : GD and Interview assess the candidate's communication skills, knowledge level etc... It is very essential for potential management graduate and potential mangers to have such group communication skill. A candidate without the ability to communicate his/her ideas effectively in a group situation will be a misfit in such an environment

 Details of Group discussion

 1. Group size : The number of participation in a group for GD varies from institute to institute or organization to organization

" While the average group size is between eight to twelve members, you should not surprised if the group size is bigger. In some management institutes have had even 20 or more students per group in their group discussion."


2.Seating arrangement : The Participants of GD are made to sit together in a circular/semi-circular fashion. in a U -shaped or in a rectangle 'board room seating arrangement.

3.Time allotted: Normally each group is given 15 to 20 minutes for discussing the topic. " Ensure that you make substantive contributions within the first 15 to 20 minutes to avoid being caught on the wrong foot, especially if the GD is terminated ahead of scheduled time.


4.Communication by the moderator : The moderator focus on the approach you take to address the issue, and not on your prescription in the form of conclusion or solution.

GD topics for practice

Knowledge based topics 

?  India spends too much on defense . Discuss? 
?  Unique Identification Number
?  E- commerce is the face and pace of economic reforms 
?  Cold War
?  Is terrorism the price we have to pay for democracy?
?  Globalization and Privatization
?  Is Mixed Economy preferred?
?  MBA or PGDM?
?  Privatization of Universities/colleges/schools
?  Does India need a dictatorship?
?  MBA in India is overrated


Abstract topic :

? The way to heaven is through hell
? A Teardrop on my Guitar
? Green is better than red
? Where there’s a will there’s away
? Dead yesterday unborn tomorrow
? 26 Alphabets
? I think, therefore I am.
? Infinite Numbers
? money is sweeter than honey
? A Walk to Remember
? Six Billion and One Gold

General topics :

? Quality of management education in India
? Women managers are less effective
? The IAS is more challenging than MBA
? A world without oil
? Foreign investment in all forms of media should be allowed 
? Engineering students should be made to study social sciences and arts
? Unemployment in rural India 
? Testing of products on animals. Is it necessary?