Cover Letter Etiquette

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On the Internet usually the resume are send via e-mail to respective companies, but it is still important that you carry a copy along with you during your preliminary interview.

Do you know that a cover letter can help your resume to get noticed? Freshers generally spend a lot of time, money and effort in developing their resumes but later ignore the cover letter. A cover letter definitely increases chances of getting your resume selected, at least for the first round!!

Here are some etiquette rules which we must follow while drafting a cover letter:

Whatever it may – Send a Cover Letter

One of the most important rule of a cover letter is always send a cover letter, whether asked or no. It is a professional etiquette to accompany a resume with a cover letter. You need to create an opportunity to help sell yourself for the job opportunity.

Be Clear & Concise

In the fast moving era, nobody has too much of time reading letters that could pass for essays. Especially the hiring managers who need to review hundreds of resumes per day on an average. Ensuring that your cover letter is clear and concise is very important. You can break down the letter in 3 small paragraphs. The first is the introduction, second is the boy of the letter and third is the conclusion.

Let it Be Professional but In a Friendly Manner

A resume is a formal document, but cover letters five you an opportunity to reveal yourself more in detail. Here the focus is not letting a potential employer know that you are the right fit but ensure he likes you Appropriate use of humor along with a friendly and professional tone can help and trigger the mind of a hiring manager.

It’s better to Get Personal

It is always better to address your letter to a specific person. In case you don’t know the person’s name you want to address the letter to, you must take some initiatives to find out the name of the person you are trying to address the letter to. Always keep the salutation professional by using “Dear Mr. James”

Attention on the Employer's Needs

Researching about a particular job opportunity is a good idea. Once you know the problems they are facing, quality they looking for, a little bit about their goals you are just a step away to be selected for a job. Based on the information you have researched you should draft your cover letter to ensure the potential employer that you are the answer and solution to the problem. The best cover letters determine what you can do for the employer and not what the employer can do for you.

Proof Reading

It is common that, we cannot pick our own mistakes; hence it is always advised to have your letter proof read for spelling mistake, grammatical errors and an overall impact of the letter. Last but not the least spell the hiring managers name correctly. It may take time to follow cover letter etiquette, but is worth it! It will give you more opportunity and countless chances to get more calls for interviews and a greater chance of securing a new position.