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About HP

At HP we don’t just believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people when technology works for them. To help you create. To make the digital tangible. To harness the power of human information. At HP we work to make what you do matter even more. 

Our Shared Values
Passion for customers

We put our customers first in everything we do.

Trust and respect for individuals
We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect and dignity for all.

Achievement and contribution
We strive for excellence in all we do; each person's contribution is critical to our success.

Results through teamwork
We effectively collaborate, always looking for more efficient ways to serve our customers.

Speed and agility
We are resourceful and adaptable, and we achieve results faster than our competitors.

Meaningful innovation
We are the technology company that invents the useful and the significant.

Uncompromising integrity
We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.

Our Corporate Objectives
Customer loyalty
We earn customer respect and loyalty by consistently providing the highest quality and value.

We achieve sufficient profit to finance growth, create value for our shareholders and achieve our corporate objectives.

We recognize and seize opportunities for growth that builds upon our strengths and competencies.

Market leadership
We lead in the marketplace by developing and delivering useful and innovative products, services and solutions.

Commitment to employees
We demonstrate our commitment to employees by promoting and rewarding based on performance and by creating a work environment that reflects our values.

Leadership capability
We develop leaders at all levels who achieve business results, exemplify our values and lead us to grow and win.

Global citizenship
We fulfill our responsibility to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each country and community where we do business.

Corporate View:

HP is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. They explore how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, and realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams. They apply new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way their customers live and work.

No other company offers as complete a technology product portfolio as HP. They provide infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations. They offer consumers a wide range of products and services from digital photography to digital entertainment and from computing to home printing. This comprehensive portfolio helps us match the right products, services and solutions to their customers' specific needs.

Stanford University classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP in 1939. The company's first product, built in a Palo Alto garage, was an audio oscillator—an electronic test instrument used by sound engineers. One of HP's first customers was Walt Disney Studios, which purchased eight oscillators to develop and test an innovative sound system for the movie Fantasia

Corporate headquarters are in Palo Alto, Calif.

Léo Apotheker is CEO and President.

HP's 2010 Fortune 500 ranking: No. 10.

India Location: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Udham Singh Nagar.

Corporate headquarters

Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA

Work Culture:

Its moving fast, which is why they have to move even faster. They’re driving the world’s IT revolution armed with passion, curiosity and a global team of visionaries who never stop at impossible.

Their team is made up of optimists who know technology can empower the world. They’re filled with talented achievers who understand what their customers need even before they do. They attract the type of person who believes “no” is a challenge—not an answer.

It isn’t a coincidence that HP is a magnet for this kind of ingenuity. Their people are drawn from all over the world by their infinite opportunities and career development. The best minds in the business convene here, energized by global collaboration and the chance to propel their career past ordinary to extraordinary.

Entry level Recruitment:

HP is a company fueled by new thinking and unique ideas about creating more valuable experiences with technology. The India Campus Recruitment program is designed to help lay the foundations for a truly fulfilling career with them.

You will find yourself working in a uniquely diverse and creative culture. In a working environment where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in achieving business success. You will work along side and in support of a group of world-class professionals in your chosen field of study.

Through grants of HP technology to non-profit organizations and educational institutions, HP seeks to promote educational opportunities and strengthen non-profit organizations addressing long-term societal needs. Anna University and Jadavpur University in India were awarded the Technology for Teaching Grant [T4T] in 2006.

They invite you to explore the many opportunities at hp that will help realize your full potential!

They have a planned campus recruitment program for selecting students from:

·         B Schools

·          Engineering Colleges

·          Graduate Colleges

·          Foreign Language Schools/ Universities

·          PG Institutes

If you are a student looking for career opportunity to work at their Business Process Organization, Technical Contact Centre or their Research Labs please visit "Search Jobs at HP"

They may have exciting opportunities waiting for you!

Training For Freshers:

Manpower requirement in Information Technology is growing seamlessly. Every IT industry is recruiting fresher’s in tonnes. Freshers are recruited from College Campus directly. IT Industry will put all the new Campus recruits through initial training program ranging from 30 to 75 days depending up on the company’s requirement. This initial training program is generally called “Induction Training”.

Induction Training Program:

Induction training basically covers areas like:

1. Corporate Etiquettes

2. Communication Skills

3. Company Policies

4. Soft Skills

5. Technical Skills.

Most of the times, corporates deliver these trainings internally. Especially the first four in the list is delivered internally by corporates as they are more towards the company privacy.

Technical Skills are either delivered internally or outsourced.

If any company has to deliver Technical Skills training internally, they incur delivery costs in the following areas:

1. Classroom to training delivery

2. Labs for Hands-on delivery

3. LCD Projector, White Board, Markers, lunch, 

4. Hardware and Software

5. Trainers to deliver the training

6. Courseware, etc.

For more information please visit official website.

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