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HP Question-Paper

Hi, I'm a final year MCA student. 

I attended HP campus interview and got selected for 10 months internship program.

IT was a pool campus in VVCE, Mysore

They offered job 4 B.E students.

They selected MCA students 4 internship and we'll be converted as full time employees depending on our performance during the internship.

Stipend 15,500/month and I've been assigned a java project

Placement pattern s as follows:

1.Written test:

20 questions on Reasoning (directions, seating arrangement,

Blood relations, venn diagrams, true-false logic), 

25 technical questionsv(OS,DBMS,C, unix commands)

2.Technical Interview:

Basic java programs to write.
Explain the concepts of Object-oriented programming, Inheritance,

Abstract class, Interface, static keyword, multi-threading, synchronize,

Context switching, garbage collection, method overloading, overriding,

Exception handling, Collections, Servlets.

Basic SQL queries, joins, key constraint. 

3.Manager round:

Asked simplest puzzles that can be easily answered,

Mainly they check yo ur confidence level in this...

John's mother has 3 children-1 s March and the others April, what's the name f 3rd child?

I've 3 coins - 2 r f equal size and 1 s fake... given a weighing machine, find the fake coin by weighing just once .how?

By joining 3 points how do u obtain 4 equilateral triangles f same dimension?

a+b+c=abc... find a, b,c?

In a running race, if u overtake d person in 2nd position, which place will you secure?
Few more puzzles, I don't remember exactly..

4.HR round:

Usual questions like - tell me about yourself, hobbies? y did u join MCA?
Whats your aim in life? why HP? ready to relocate r? and so on

You can clear all the rounds if u retain your confidence till the end.... should we good . 

Technical knowledge (programming) also... B answerable 2 
Whatever you mention in your resume....A d Best:).