HP new latest campus placement papers patterns questions in AP |   34465

HP new latest campus placement papers patterns questions in AP

                                            HP Technical Interview Questions

HP latest selection procedure was 2 days programme
HP First Day : HP Online Test  
HP second Day procedure : Technical, Managerial round, HR round.

HP Online Test :

Technical aptitude reasoning sections questions included.HP Technical sections questions DBMS, Operating system, Programming, Computer networking

Quantitative aptitude : Venn diagrams, calendar, time and work blood relations etc..,
DBMS : Queries, File system, Data models.
OS: Thrashing, Paging, Threads, Multiprocessor, Kernel.
Programming : Find the error, find the output. (Basic knowledge in programming is enough to answer these questions).
Computer n/w: LAN, WAN, ISDN full form, Router. (I don't remember much )

Technical Interview Questions:

* SQL queries, I was given a scenario and asked to design a web site for the book bank

* Armstrong no

* Swapping of two no.s without using a third variable

* What is macro

* Reversing a no

* Questions from the paper presentation

* Was asked to explain about my project.

Manager Round : 

* Was asked about my project not in detail, front end and back end in my project, diff b/w DBMS and RDBMS.

* What will you do if your colleagues don't complete their work and you can start your work only after they complete?

* What will you do when you are not able to finish your work on time?

* What will you do when you have so many problems because of your team members?

* What do you expect from HP?

* What do you know about HP?

Everyone who cleared manager round were selected for HR round and  was just a formality round where no one was rejected.

HR Round : 

* It was very very casual. I was asked about preferred location, certifications course (if any),Language where I need training, Paper presentation, Situation that highlights my leadership quality.

HP preparations tips are in my opinion are Be trough DDL,DML queries, constraints, primary key , Foreign key from DBMS.HP campus preparations refer HP company sites collect all informations about admin history logo vision mision etc..,For HP technical interview -know the basic programmes like Fibonacci, factorial,swaping etc temp variable,reversing number string Armstrong etc..,

Always be confident, in all procedure 

All the best. 
Lets meet in HP.