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HP Technical - Other


HP paper pattern:


The paper is of 3 sections.


Computer concepts -40

Aptitude -20

C -20

Note that for c , we must follow compiler under unix


Computer concepts: os,unix,networks,data structures,computer organization, digital logic design

operating systems:


1)which of the following is not associated with operting systems

a)swapper b)device drivers c)file system d)process mgmt


2)what is the size of virtual memory that must be associated

a)must be same as physical memory b)must be > physical memory

c)can be of any size d)it must be small enough to allocate process


3)which of following is true
a)time sharing is also multi progrmming
b) multi progrmmming is also time sharing


4)global variables are stored at
a)heap b)stack c)data d)code


Computer organization:

1)32 registers are there.an instructuion can hold upto 3 registers . The opcode is of 4 bits.
what is minimum size of instruction.
ans:the minimum sizeof instruction has nothing to do with number of registers


2) some bit on pipelineling


3)some bit related to SIMD,MIMD,MISD,SISID


4)minimum no of nand gates require to implement xor gate
ans : 4 gates(check out)



1)two way communication is possible by means of means of which of the following


2)wc -l x>x prints out
ans:wc command prints 0


3)the background process that continusly run
ans:deamon process



1)fragmented packet is reunited at
a)destination b)at next gateway c)at highest MTU gateway d)at the next router


2)the following address
a)class A b) class B c) class C d)class D


3)network to host protocal is



Data Structres:

1)Given a doubly linked list .you are given with a node n and a pointer p associated with it. what are the operarions that to be performed to delete that node.

2)swapping the elements of left child of a tree with that of right child .

node* tree;
if given tree is
2 3
4 5 6 7

what is the output for about function applied

3 2
7 6 5 4


3)t(n)=4+t(n/2) ,t(0)=1. what is the complexity

4)In hashing each element can be found with complexity of
ans: 1


5)In a program all the addresses that are to be binded to the caller function are done by
a)compiler b) linker c) loader d) run time allocator

6) s->v[integer]

ans: a[2,3,5]


7)char 1 byte , short of 2 bytes , integer of 4 byte,

char a;
char b;
int a[2];
short d;
int e;
char i;
sizeof(naame) ans:16
note: consider c compiler unde unix for all c questions



int i=1;
case 1: printf("case1");
case 2: printf("case 2");
default: printf("default");

ans: when we compile we get warning that unreachable code and if we execute we get "case 1"
will be printed.

2)questions related to funtcital pointers

3)some question on const char*p , char* const p;