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HP Whole-Testpaper selection process test pattern

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HP placement papers, written test pattern and selection procedure

HP selection format is

HP written test

No of questions :90
No of sections :3

Pattern:50 questions verbal communication and general aptitude


The second section will contain 10 questions and will cover most of the concepts on computer science. The third section will contain 30 questions. This section will test the programming skills of the candidates. They will be asked to answers questions oncomputer programs like C, C++ and JAVA.

The candidates must also posses’ good knowledge about C, C++, and JAVA etc. Before appearing the written test candidates must practice few of the samples previous years question papers. This will help them to answer the questions faster and will be more familiar with the question pattern. This test can be quite difficult as it is used to evaluate the aptitude of the candidates.

HP India Placement Interview Technical and HR interview 

In the HP India placement interview process, there will be 3 main rounds of interview. They are two technical interviews and one HR interview.

Candidates who clear the written test will then be required to appear and participate well in the interview. In order to do so, the candidates need to be prepared in advance. Aspirants need to have a good knowledge about their project as most of the questions will be based on it. The aspirants must be confident when answering the questions in front of the judging panel. If the candidates are given an opportunity to ask any questions about the company, they must ask questions that will display the aspirant’s interest towards the firm.

First Technical Interview :details of projects, Operating systems computer programming

Second Technical Interview : will be held by higher officials. The candidates who passed the first round will only go through the second round of interview. They candidates will be asked general question on software engineering, microprocessors and other questions relating to the field of study. This interview will be mainly carried out to test the psychology and aptitude of the candidates.

Subsequent to the two technical interviews, the candidates will have to appear for the final HR interview. The candidates should prepare for self introduction as well as talk on strengths and weaknesses. One thing the candidates must always keep in mind is not to be over confident. They must be humble at all times. In case they do not know the answer to a particular question, the candidates must let the panel know that truthfully.

HR Round :The third interview will be an HR round. The candidates will be asked about their future plans, salary expectation, when they can join the firm etc. The candidates must make sure that they answer honestly and correctly to the questions asked.