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We help transform core processes for greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs.Our unique onsite/offshore global delivery model is guided by dedication to client satisfaction.

With a Two-in-a-Box™ client engagement model, you’re assured the onsite attention of a Client Manager, experienced in your industry, working on site with you. Paired with the Client Manager is a dedicated Delivery Manager, who may be located at any of our global, nearshore or local delivery centers. One team is assigned to work on your project from start to finish, becoming an extension of your staff.

Organized by vertical industry as well as service line, we know the particulars of your business and deliver solutions with the precision you require.

Our 1100 clients span five continents and every major industry. With an advanced global delivery platform, Cognizant 2.0 (C2),we can share knowledge and efficiently manage projects across our global delivery network. It allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective and comprehensive, end-to-end, advanced solutions.

When required, we can access the specialized skills of our deep talent pool from anywhere in the world, to solve any problem, through C2. Enhanced project collaboration tools and our well-codified, company-wide processes assure consistent, well-planned, measurable and reliable delivery from any and all locations.

Let us use our IT, business-process and strategic consulting to help you transform your business, with minimal risk and disruption. Give your organization greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. Position your business to thrive now and in the future.

Culture & History

Our business culture reflects the fact that we were “born global” as a unit of U.S.-based Dun & Bradstreet with operations based in India.

As a result, we’ve always been multicultural, which has eased our expansion in more and more markets around the world.

Many of our senior managers have extensive international business experience and educational backgrounds. In fact, our CEO was born in Kenya, educated in Asia and the U.S., and has lived throughout the world.

U.S. corporate citizen — a “local” around the world

Although headquartered in the U.S., we continue to enjoy high standing as “local” player and an employer of choice with a strong reputation for excellence in India. As a testament, we consistently garner top recruitment honors at the leading institutes of Technology and Business Management there.

Diversity at Cognizant

Cognizant views diversity as a crucial competitive advantage. Globalization coupled with profound demographic, social and economic changes spurred by the Internet have brought diversity and inclusion into the center of business activity.

We believe that companies which are open and welcoming to a multicultural work force will thrive with fresh perspectives and collaborative knowledge.

At Cognizant, we focus on four key areas for strategically cultivating diversity and inclusion:

Our People
Our associates are ambassadors of diversity, representing Cognizant's commitment to a rich and dynamic work environment.

Our Culture
We purposefully design our culture to empower our employees and leaders to become catalysts for diversity.

Our Clients
Our diversity provides a broad foundation for supporting our global clients, helping us span cultural, political and social differences.

Our Community
We are committed to creating educational opportunities that strengthen and develop a diverse global work force.

We are continuing to integrate diversity and inclusion into the fabric of our business and culture with Completely Cognizant, an initiative which fosters a collaborative and supportive work force.

Cognizant's commitment to diversity and inclusion is unwavering. It is who we are

 Entry level Recruitment:

Do you have the passion to make a difference, the passion to build stronger businesses for organizations around the world? Cognizant offers career opportunities that are as dynamic as the marketplace. You'll experience a series of engaging assignments and challenging projects, and work in a fast-paced environment. It's your chance to be a part of a vibrant business community.


Training for freshers:


Designed for campus trainees, this 14-week program trains and prepares college recruits to face real time work at projects. The central focus there is to help the transition of associates to a corporate environment, equipping them with the requisite skill and expertise. Through a constant and conscious intervention process, ELTP has made constant and wholesome changes to the style of imparting training. They revisit the program once in a while to reflect the rapidly changing needs of the software industry.


For More Details : http://www.cognizant.com


About the Recruitment test:

The selection process consists of 3 rounds.


1)     Written test

2)     Technical round

3)     HR round

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