Why Should We Hire You For Freshers

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Every candidate who has ever appeared for an interview has come across this question, "Why should we hire you for freshers?" in probably all of their interviews. It is the most common yet most tricky question of every interview. Answering this question is a major deciding factor for any recruiter, and it can make them decide whether you will be considered for a particular position or not.

The primary aim of this question is to understand how you are better suited for a particular position as compared to the other candidates. It is important to sound convincing and confident while answering this question. The candidate should highlight the relevant experience, qualifications, and skills which make them stand out from the crowd.

What should be considered while answering the question, “Why should we hire you”

Highlight relevant skills

Since there is a lot of emphasis on skills nowadays, when asked "Why should we hire you?" the candidate can highlight the relevant skills that he/she has. One can also talk about interpersonal skills along with the hard skills of the said role and drive the focus of the recruiter to them.

Example: You should hire me for the role of content writer because I have good organizational and communication skills and the ability to meet deadlines. In my last organization, I had been instrumental in creating several articles based on my research on market conditions that brought great traffic to the company website.  

Focus on experience that makes you fit for the role

Talk about your professional experience and how it can benefit the current position that you are applying for. Let the recruiters know how you have already gained some experience in a similar area and are familiar with the demands of the role. 

Example: In my last organization, I was one of the main contributors to creating similar articles. We used to refer to several journals to collect relevant information and create high-standard research based articles.

Explain how you can contribute to the growth and success of the team

Focus on your ability to work with the team and also perform under pressure. The recruiter may want to know if you can foster your growth and performance in difficult situations. They might want to know how well you collaborate with the team and contribute as a team, along with your original individual contribution.

Example: I am a great team player and love sharing my knowledge with my teammates. In my past companies, we used to have separate teams for brainstorming and ended up with better outcomes as compared to mere individual writers.

Express your enthusiasm for the role

Show your enthusiasm and excitement to take up the role. Let your recruiter know that you are ready to take on the challenges coming your way and are interested in learning more about it.

Example: I am passionate about taking up this role, I believe that, under the right mentorship, I can learn more and perform better in future job opportunities.

Answer honestly

Make sure that you answer correctly and honestly, as when you are honest, you don't have to really fabricate any story to convince the interviewer. Also if you are lying, there are high chances that your interviewer will identify it and reject you based on your dishonest answer. When you are honest, you also sound confident naturally.

Example: I am aware that I don't have much experience as required for the role but I am confident that my learnings of this field will help me steer through smoothly, provided I get a chance to be a part of your organization.

Some of the Sample Answers to "Why should we hire you"

1. Over the years, I have acquired relevant experience and skills that I will bring to this role and that will add value to the organization. I have developed teamwork and interpersonal skills that will make me a valuable part of the creative team of your organization. 

2. Thank you for shortlisting me for an XYZ role at ABC Company. I am looking forward to being a part of your team and contributing my knowledge and skills to the organization. I believe in giving my 100% to the organization and channeling them further for my professional growth and development.

3. Given my academic background and hands-on experience in a similar field in my past jobs, I am confident that I am a suitable candidate for the position offered. If chosen for the position, I will ensure that I bring my expertise and experience to the role and work towards delivering better results. 

4. In my last organization, my manager was really happy with my overall performance. I am an expert in XYZ and given a chance in your company, I would like to add value to the role by sharing my knowledge and experience with the team. 

5. Working as a creative person in reputed organizations like XYZ and ABC has given me first-hand experience of industry standards. I am aware of the strict deadlines that are to be met on a daily basis, while also maintaining the quality of the work that I deliver. I see myself as a suitable candidate for this position, and ensure that I add value to the organization. 

6. I believe that my experience in the field of writing, particularly copywriting, makes me an ideal candidate for this position. In my previous organization, I was responsible for delivering regular write-ups for my clients on a daily basis, and I had efficiently done the same.

Interview Questions with Answers

Why should I hire you?

♦  A BAD ANSWER is just lists skills, anyone can do that
♦  Evidence is the key -Give a good recent example
♦  Give the opportunity, I could bring this success to your company
♦  What Makes You Different from other candidate - Think  about that and prepare a mentally prepared answer. In the interview you should tell yourself.

Sample 1

Rohit said:

Sir, You should hire me because I have a good record of success in my education. I also have 4 years of job experience. I think that this job opportunity should be given to someone who has experience in the field. What makes me unique for this job is my passion for my work. I am a hardworking person and quick learner that’s why I think I am the correct person for this job. I’m confident I’ll be the best candidate for this position. 

Sample 2

Payal said:

Sir, Although I have no experience, I am serious and willing to learn anything. I will work hard to achieve a good position in any field.

Sample 3

Rishu said:

Being a fresher I keep my mind open to every necessary thing that is to be learnt for the enhancement of the growth of the organization as well as self. I strongly believe it is more like a mutual benefit and cooperation accord between me and the organization where I gain the knowledge and the company gains the reputation with time along with increase in revenue.

Sample 4

Suhana said:

I use my skills and knowledge to improve our company to a higher level and even though I'm not a more experienced one but I am very much interested in doing new things.

Sample 5

Shrishti said:

Although I have no experience I am willing to learn and serious about learning. I'm reliable and responsible. I'm also hardworking, dedicated, trustworthy, and self-motivated. I am also a people person.

Sample 6

Anju said:

That question is a tough one, but you should hire me because I believe I meet the qualifications for the position that I am applying for. I can work long hours and I really give my heart in everything that I do. My supervisor and my colleagues can attest to that.

Sample 7

Laya said:

This position at this company is exactly what I'm looking for. My degree in computer science, past job experience, and skills will make me a valuable team player for this company. I have a strong work ethic, am dependable, and will do a fantastic job.

The freshers can highlight their relevant academic background and their enthusiasm for the role offered while answering the question, Why should we hire you. Even if the candidate has no experience, he/she may still get the job by answering this question. Avoid talking about salary, perks, or personal circumstances while discussing your suitability for the job. One should also avoid answering questions in a generic way, try to maintain uniqueness and address the specific concern behind it.