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Headquartered in San Jose California, Redpine Signals is a wireless systems company with unique chipset and system level products for wireless networks. Founded in 2001, Redpine has created advanced wireless technology that has gone into the creation of ultra low power and high performance products for the next generation wireless applications. Redpine was the first in the industry to launch a single stream 802.11n chipset in late 2007. Subsequently, it has launched several modules and sub-systems focusing on specific vertical market segments including industrial, wireless sensor, wireless audio & video, voice over Wi-Fi and high end consumer. In 2009, it has launched modules and subsystems that enable the wireless monitoring and control of utility metering systems. It also offers MIMO 802.11n as well as mobile WiMax (802.16e) and 4G LTE technologies.

Redpine technology spans the complete end-to-end wireless solution and includes an extensive patent portfolio on OFDM, MIMO, embedded processor architectures and low-power techniques. The company's offerings include both the hardware and the software as differentiated sub-systems to provide flexibility and ease of integration to the system integrator. This single-stop approach enables Redpine to deliver an optimal wireless solution to meet customer's requirements at an optimal price point.

Redpine's team of industry veterans is focused on expanding the wireless horizon into new markets by delivering the cutting edge ultra low power wireless solutions optimized for these vertical market segments.

Culture of Innovation
The most important metrics of a wireless solution are: Cost, Power-Consumption and Performance (Rate/Range/Multipath). Wireless solutions developed by various companies have been known to compromise on one metric to gain on another: Solution-I may have succeeded in being the best in throughput and range, but it has taken up a major amount of silicon real-estate to achieve that. Solution-II has concentrated on optimizing for silicon-area but ended up with low data-rates and range performance. Solution-III has compromised on all three metrics to some extent and ended with ‘average’ metrics on each of these.

Redpine was founded in 2001 by industry veterans with a vision to build a company with a culture of innovation. From the first day, Redpine’s main thread and differentiation has been our endeavor to “Expand the Wireless Horizons”. Redpine has spent more than 600 man-years in research and innovation into next-generation Wireless technologies based on OFDM and MIMO, resulting in over 100 patents, patent filings and disclosures. Today Redpine’s solutions have industry leading performance, cost and power-consumption – all in a single product. The “Culture of Innovation” is core to Redpine’s solutions being at the top of the wireless pyramid.

Redpine's Leadership
Busting the myth on performance vs power: High Performance "is" low energy!!

Redpine has consistently taken advantage of the fact that energy efficiency (kilobytes of data transferred per mJ of energy consumed) is higher in high performance systems. Redpine’s wireless solutions are robust to multipath, and use advanced patent-pending MIMO decoders, STBC, and Beamforming; and effectively deliver higher data-rates at any location – be it an airport or an industrial work-shop. Operating at a higher data-rate means that packet durations are smaller. Therefore, the “power-hungry” radio and power amplifier are turned-on for less time. This fact, combined with intelligent power-management of the wireless chip and system components, means that overall less energy is used up in getting the same amount of information across. This is clearly the future path where the same solution can deliver both low-power and high-performance and uses the minimum energy for any given user bandwidth requirement.

Board of Directors
Venkat Mattela, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mattela has over 25 years of engineering and management experience in the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining Redpine, Mr. Mattela was at Network Media Platforms Group of Analog Devices as Director and was responsible for the product, strategy and business development for media wireless connectivity solutions (WLAN, WMAN). He also led the VLSI development from concept engineering to release of multiple industry leading networking silicon products resulting in a multi-million dollar product line. Prior to joining ADI, Mr. Mattela was at Infineon Technologies as Director and was responsible for micro-architecture and design of TriCore MCU-DSP processor. He led the team to take the architecture to multiple silicon implementations. Mr. Mattela started his career at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India in January 1983 and held various engineering positions at LSI Logic, LMSI and CMC Ltd. Mr. Mattela has a Masters Degree in Computer Sciences from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India and holds 11 US patents.
Kalpana Atluri, President

Ms. Atluri has over 20 years of experience in the Semiconductor Industry. Prior to founding Redpine Signals, Ms. Atluri founded Elite Design Systems, a provider of ASIC design consulting services. Ms. Atluri has built the founding team and helped create the strategy for the company. She manages the finance and operations in the US and India. Ms. Atluri held various engineering positions at Synopsys Inc, Computer Vision Laboratories Ltd., CMC Ltd., and Integrated Data Systems. Ms. Atluri holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru technological University, India.
Mallik Reddy, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development

Mr. Reddy is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with over 20 years of management and engineering experience. Mr. Reddy has been integrally involved in the Redpine Signals vision, strategy, and leadership and has a very successful track record of founding and building multi-national technology companies. Immediately prior to joining Redpine Signals, Mr. Reddy founded Netcube Systems, a leading provider of technology consulting services for a broad spectrum of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. Prior to that he has held key management and engineering positions in Pelican, Softec, Sybase, SUN, Oracle, GTE and AC Nielsen. Mr. Reddy holds MS in Computer Science from University of Florida.

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