IndianCoastGuard Question Papers - IndianCoastGuard Interview Questions and Answers updated on Jan 2021

IndianCoastGuard Question Papers - IndianCoastGuard Interview Questions and Answers updated on Jan 2021


Emergence of the Coast Guard in India on 01 Feb 1977 as a new service was the result of an awareness that had been growing for some time in the Government for the requirement to enforce National Laws in the waters under national jurisdiction and ensure safety of life and property at sea. It was also considered desirable that these law enforcement responsibilities should be undertaken by a service suitably equipped and modelled on the Coast Guards of advanced nations like USA, UK etc leaving the Navy to exercise the fleet for its wartime role.

A committee was, therefore, constituted in Sep 1974 with Mr KF Rustamji as its chairman to study the problem of seaborne smuggling and the question of setting up a Coast Guard type of organization. This committee recommended the setting up of a Coast Guard Service patterned on the Navy for general superintendence and policing of our seas in peace time under administrative cover of the Ministry of Defence. The Maritime Zones of India Act was passed on 25 Aug 1976. Under this Act, India claimed 2.01 million sq km of sea area in which she has the exclusive rights for exploration and exploitation of resources, both living and non-living at sea. Following this a Cabinet decision was taken by which an interim Coast Guard Organization came into being on 01 Feb 1977. The Coast Guard in its present shape was formally inaugurated on 18 Aug 1978 as an independent armed force of the union with the enactment of the Coast Guard Act 1978 by the Parliament with its motto as `VAYAM RAKSHAMAH; which means `WE PROTECT'. 


Our motto

To protect our ocean and offshore wealth including oil, fish and minerals : to assist mariners in distress and safeguard life and property at sea : to enforce maritime laws with respect to sea, shipping, poaching, smuggling and narcotics : to preserve marine environment and ecology and protect rare species : to collect scientific data and back-up the navy during war

" Vayam Rakshamah "

We protect

Our services to the nation & marine community The Coast Guard is the principal agency for enforcement of provisions of all national enactment in force in the maritime zones of India and provides following services to the Nation and marine community.

Ensuring safety and protection of the artificial islands, offshore installations and other structure in our maritime zones.

Providing protection to fishermen and assistance to them at sea while in distress.

Preservation and protection of our maritime environment including prevention and control of maritime pollution.

Assistance to the Department of Custom and other authorities in anti-smuggling operations.

Enforcement of MZI Acts.

Initiating measures for the safety of life and property at sea.

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