Impact of social media

Impact of social media

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Influence of Social Media




Being a social networking site it is just a means of communication where people can make new friends or connect with long lost friends.


Individuals connect through facebook to their co-workers or colleagues which helps them to remain up to date.


People meet new people; make new relationships through this network which increases the healthy interactions among them.


Being on social networking sites keeps us hooked on to the latest events happening across the world


Helps to be in touch with our friends while sharing important infos instantly


Many companies directly approach prospective candidates through social media(such as linkedin) & offer jobs.


Community & social initiatives are launched on these networks which sees high participation by youth making them more responsible.


ability to interact with people of authority who might help in careers or entrepreneurship at some stage.


Facebook is used to advertise products which are relatively new in the market and can be easily purchased through facebook.


It is good way to update people about the recent events taking place nearby or in the world.



People become so addictive towards it that they spend most of their time socializing via facebook.


It definitely is a time pass activity as it contains lots of fun activities, like games that are used by people on a regular basis to get out of their boredom.


Our personal information could be viewed by everyone if proper privacy controls are not set.


There is no control on the items shared which means all good and bad is available for free access.


Decreases our productivity at workplaces due to chats with friends


High amount of personal abuse happens online only through such social networks


All our details, photos, videos could be misused incase of account hacks


People have lost their jobs for posting/ sharing sensitive details about their company.


organizations may not offer job if you had said something bad about them on a social networking page