River Ganges: Pure Or Impure

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River Ganges: Pure Or Impure


India is a land of traditions. Most of the people perform their work as per the set traditions. Apart from traditions, they deeply believe in the religious places. One of such places is the bank of River Ganges. This river holds a lot of importance for people. However, when we see its condition, the question that automatically arises is: Are all the traditions and beliefs really worth it? Hindus believe that the circle of life ends at this place. It is a pure blessing to die here. How do you see River Ganges? Pure Or Impure?

For :

  1. River Ganges hold a lot more religious importance for people. Though it is polluted, but in religious terms it is the purest thing of the world.
  2. River Ganges is a place of tourist attraction and as per that perspective anything that brings good is pious and pure.
  3. The land surrounding the River Ganges is one of the most fertile lands of the country.
  4. River Ganges account for more than 25% of India’s total water resources making it useful, pure and important.
  5. As the spring comes, Himalayan snow melts and River Ganges is swelled with water. It brings life everywhere to trees, to crops and aptly explains the circle of life.

Against :

  1. River Ganges is a highly polluted river where people from everywhere come and fill it with unwanted stuff.
  2. River Ganges is becoming a concern for the government as it cannot find some right solutions to purify the river.
  3. Even if the government designs out a plan it will require lots of funds and efforts to clean the holiest river of the country.
  4. The crime rate in Varanasi as well as in Haridwar is really very high. In fact women are not at all safe in Haridwar taking away the piousness of Ganga.
  5. There is no proper form of control available in the two cities making it really tough for the visitors to save themselves from illegal elements.