Position of Women in India

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Position of Women in India compared to other nations


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"A man and a woman are like two wheels of a cart. The cart can move fast and safely too, when both of them pull it in the same direction and with equal strength. Hence no developing country or society can afford to ignore the role of women, if they are to progress."


In the modern times, women in India are given freedom and rights such as freedom of expression and equality, as well as right to get education.

Women in Contemporary India are doing the same what a male can do.

Various prestigious positions are held by Indian women.

They are enjoying the `ladies first` facility in various fields.

But still problems like dowry, female infanticide, sex selective abortions, health, domestic violence, are prevalent in the society.

Several acts have been passed to demolish all these problems. But illiteracy and lack of awareness are the obstacles in the path of Indian women to stand against these follies.

Main reson why women neglect in society: the customs and traditions prevalent for centuries, The high percentage of illiteracy among women, Ignorance of their rights, Patriarchal Society, Economic system, Unchecked male domination in all walks of life.

We can now see women employed in all fields not only in clerical jobs but also in I.A.S., I.P.S. and Indian Air Force. There are reservations in legislatures also.

The Central Government has introduced a bill in Parliament reserving one third of the seats in Parliament and other elected bodies for women.