CCTVs in DTC buses – Is that enough to safeguard Delhi?

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CCTVs in DTC buses – Is that enough to safeguard Delhi?


Delhi Transport Corporation has started with the installation of the CCTV cameras in the DTC buses. They are aiming to start with the 200 buses plying all round the city and then increase further with the success rate on the prevailing ones. We can see the CCTVs installed at many places round the city and they do work for sometime with continuous surveillance at the background. But they soon lose their charm, as either the repair process is not done on time, or the people fail to handle the surveillance mechanism. In these scenario, is that enough to install the CCTVs in the route buses to safeguard the Delhites?


  1. Government should do the best from its side, and installing the CCTVs in the DTC buses is an appreciable move.
  2. Installing the cameras in huge numbers is not all that easy task. DTC organization definitely have set plans to implement the camera coverage.
  3. 3 cameras per bus is aimed at to focus the bus completely. Keeping an eye on every bus running in the city is a difficult initiative which the government has tried to give it a success.
  4. The effort would be definitely better for the women’s security round the city in comparison to the present one.
  5. DTC is also looking forward to line up the coverage with the Internet in order to keep an eye on every remote corner of the city.


  1. We already have CCTV coverage in many other parts of the city where the crime usually takes place like the subways, but there is no use of those cameras as they haven’t helped in curbing the crime index so far.
  2. The CCTVs need to be repaired and reinstalled from time-to-time as they require maintenance to keep a track on their functioning ability. We already lack at this point.
  3. The installation of the CCTV also requires the person to be supervising the same at the other end. Lack of proper staffing or the careless handling of the supervising system leads to the crime in the city.
  4. It is not the devices that safeguard, but the alertness of the co-citizens / travellers and the immediate and strict action by the cops that will help in getting down the crime rate in the city.
  5. Women safety will come with the better evolution of the human brain and proper education regarding the physical development and relationships. Just the CCTVs alone cannot help in protecting the women.