Education in India Vs Foreign nation

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Education in India compared to Foreign nations


Our Indian Education System needs to be changed and reformed. There is no practical knowledge in our education system. Our education system mainly focus on theoretical knowledge.  Educational systems are gaining profit out of the students they are demanding lot of money to provide a valuable course because of this people who are in poverty line are not able to afford lots and lots of money to get educated though they are brilliant to gain knowledge.


Secondly the education system is based on forward and backward class which is an hindrance because backward class does not get a quality education. Thirdly our education system does not give us the courage to face real life situations. 


Other countries, especially the industrial powers, have reputable colleges and universities that boast of providing top quality education.


In terms of literacy, India is one of those at the top of the world rankings. In fact, Indians are known to be avid readers. According to a survey, an Indian reads an average of almost 11 hours a week.