Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Question-Paper Contributed by Dalma Jose updated on Jul 2020
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HPCL civil engineering questions with answers

1. When the load line coincides with the centroid of the rivet group, the rivets are subjected to

(A) shear only
(B) tension only
(C) bending only
(D) shear as well as tension

Ans: (A)


2. An ISMB 500 is used as a beam in a multistory construction. From the viewpoint of structural design, it can be considered to be ‘laterally restrained’ when

(A) the tension flange is laterally restrained
(B) the compression flange is laterally restrained
(C) the web is adequately stiffened
(D) the conditions in both (A) and (C) are met.
Ans: (B)


3. Deflection limitations over beams are imposed because excessive deflection may cause

(A) undesirable twisting and distortion of end connections
(B) problems in drainage system
(C) psychological effect on users
(D) All of the above
Ans: (D)


4. Purlins are to be chosen for a roof truss of 20 m spam, 4 m rise. Trusses are spaced at 4.5 m centre-to-centre. A most efficient design results from the use of

(A) angle sections
(B) channel sections
(C) circular hollow sections
(D) square hollow sections
Ans: (B)


5. How is water stored in an aquifer?

(A). in an open underground lake
(B). in cracks and spaces in rocks
(C). in impermeable rock
(D). in wells and springs


6. How do droplets become heavy enough so that the droplets fall as rain or snow?

(A). The droplets gain mass from condensation within the clouds.
(B). When evaporation occurs, extra water vapors forms into more droplets.
(C). The droplets bump together and form larger droplets.
(D). The hotter air allows the droplets to solidify and fall from the clouds.



7. What causes water to rise out of the ground in hot springs?

(A). Earth’s core heats the water, making the hotter water less dense.
(B). A pump is used to bring water to Earth’s surface.
(C. Gravity pulls water down through permeable materials.
(D). A nearby volcano heats the water, making the hotter water less dense


8. Mercury is a hazardous chemical. Which item does not contain mercury?

(A) Computer disks
(B) Blinking lights in sneakers
(C) Fluorescent light bulbs
(D) Thermometers



9. Which items are recyclable?

(A) Plastic milk jugs
(B) Cereal boxes
(C) Aluminum soda cans
(D) All of the above



10. How long does it take Styrofoam to break down in a landfill?

(A) 10 Years
(B) 50 Years
(C) 100 Years
(D) 500 Years



11. Used oil should be disposed of by..

(A) Dumping it on your driveway
(B) Watering it down and spreading it as a fertilizer
(C) Collecting it in a sealed container and taking it to an oil changing business
(D) Keeping in the garage for 10 years before throwing it away in the trash



12. Fatigue strength of a rod subjected to cyclic axial force is less than that of a rotating beam of the same dimensions subjected to steady lateral force because

(A) Axial stiffness is less than bending stiffness
(B) Of absence of centrifugal effects in the rod
(C) The number of discontinuities vulnerable to fatigue are more in the rod
(D) At a particular time the rod has only one type of stress whereas the beam has both the tensile and compressive stresses



13. A solid uniform metal bar of diameter D and length L is hanging vertically from its upper end. The elongation of the bar due to self weight is:

(A) Proportional to L and inversely proportional to D2
(B) Proportional to L2 and inversely proportional to D2
(C) Proportional of L but independent of D
(D) Proportional of U but independent of D



14. If the value of Poisson's ratio is zero, then it means that [IES-1994]

(A) The material is rigid.
(B) The material is perfectly plastic.
(C) There is no longitudinal strain in the material
(D) The longitudinal strain in the material is infinite



15. Lueder' lines on steel specimen under simple tension test is a direct indication of yielding of material due to slip along the plane [IAS-1997]

(A) Of maximum principal stress
(B) Off maximum shear
(C) Of loading
(D) Perpendicular to the direction of loading



16. What is the cause of failure of a short MS strut under an axial load? [IAS-2007]
(A) Fracture stress
(B) Shear stress
(C) Buckling
(D) Yielding



17. Torsion reinforcement provided at the corners of a two-way slab

(A) distributes bending moment uniformly

(B) prevents corners from lifting

(C) controls cracking at corners

(D) does not allow any twist at corners.

Ans: (C)


18. If a two-way slab is found to be unsafe in shear, then the preferred remedy is

(A) to provide shear stirrups

(B) to increase the flexural reinforcement by 15%

(C) to increase the thickness of the slab adequately

(D) to increase the distribution reinforcement in edge strips

Ans: (C)


19. According to the Indian Standard Specifications, concrete should be cured under a

humidity of

(A) 90%

(B) 80%

(C) 70%

(D) 60%

ANS: (A)


20. The radial splits which are wider on the outside of the log and narrower towards the pith are known as

(A) star shakes
(B) annular rings
(C) cup shakes
(D) heart shakes

Ans: (A)