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Established in 1983 and with branch offices in the Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle areas, Abatix has grown into a nationally recognized supplier of products for the General Construction, Industrial Safety, Petrochemical, Energy, Environmental, Hospital, Fire and Water Restoration, and Disaster Response industries supporting customers across the nation.

Abatix has excellent relationships with its vendors to provide our clients with thousands of products, including: protective clothing, fall protection, adhesives, abrasives, duct tape, poly sheeting, disinfectants, encapsulants, absorbents, respirators, janitorial supplies, hand tools, power tools, safety vests, and so much more.

Abatix also offers training programs. The Abatix Learning Centers offer a variety of certification classes regulated by both governmental and industry related groups. These include OSHA, EPA, Licensing groups (IICRC, IAQA, Maritime, and Construction) and more.

History of Abatix Corp.
1983-Company opens on May 16th as T&T Supply, an industrial safety supply company located in Dallas, Texas. Founders Terry Shaver and Gary Cox begin their exciting journey. They begin making a profit their first year in business.

1986-T&T Supply begins expanding its product line to supply the fast growing asbestos abatement industry. Gary Cox gets his first "large" order for poly sheeting and duct tape. The Company reaches annual revenues of $1 million for the first time.

1988-The Company changes name to Abatix Environmental Corp. on December 5th, to better reflect our growth in the environmental business. Company opens second branch location in Northern California.
1989-In March, the Company completed its initial public offering. Abatix common stock is currently traded on the Small Cap Market tier of The Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol "ABIX". The Company celebrates as annual revenues surpass $8 million.

1990-The Company opens a branch in Houston, Texas and begins selling to the Texas refineries. The Company decides the hazardous materials remediation industry is an excellent market and begins selling to Haz-Mat contractors. With the promotion of Jeff Thompson to Branch Leader - Houston, Terry and Gary see another one of their former drivers promoted. Notably, Terry and Gary are nominated for Entrepreneurs of the Year in the Dallas, Texas area.

1991-Abatix opens its' Southern California office. Abatix exceeds $10 million in revenue for the first time. Profitability continues to grow and Abatix expands into new markets.

1992-Abatix expands into the construction supply industry. Terry and Gary reunite the former team of Action Tool and bring them under one roof in Santa Fe Springs, California. The team responds and revenues begin to grow exponentially. Company acquires International Enviroguard, a manufacturer of sorbents for the hazardous materials industry.

1993-Company opens distribution operations in Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado. Revenues jump to over $19 million.

1994-Company opens our Kent (Seattle),Washington location and now offers one-day service throughout the Western United States. Company exceeds $25 million in annual revenue.

1995-The newest facility opens in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the Las Vegas operation will handle the entire product line, its primary focus is the fast growing construction tool industry. Abatix experiences its' most profitable year.

1996-Company is aggressively diversifying into the construction and industrial supply industries. Terry and Gary celebrate as company exceeds $30 million in annual revenues.

1997-At the annual managers meeting, Terry Shaver celebrates his 40th birthday. Revenue and profitability continue to grow.

1998-Abatix has most profitable year and annual revenues reach a new high of over $37 million dollars. The total number of employees breaks the 100 mark. Profitability breaks the $1 million mark and Abatix commits to growth in the construction supply industry.

1999-Abatix Corp. acquires Keliher Hardware Company in January, an 80 year-old industrial supply company in Southern California. Abatix also completes the acquisition of North State Supply Co. of Phoenix in June. North State is an 8-year-old, $6 million construction tool supply distributor based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Company changes its name to Abatix Corp. to better reflect the markets we currently serve and commits to the construction, industrial safety and environmental supply industries.

2000-Abatix Corp. reaches $48 million and revenue and continues its string of 7 consecutive profitable years. The majority of the year was spent cleaning up from the integration of the two 1999 acquisitions and beginning the process of moving the acquired product lines into the other facilities. In addition, Abatix began the development of its e-commerce site, which is expected to be operational in 2001.

2001-In July, Abatix launched its e-commerce initiative which gives current and potential customers the ability to purchase products over the internet. Abatix hits $54.7 million in revenues. Another record year in revenues and earnings. We are proud to be included in Industrial Distribution's "Top 100 Distributors" for 2001.

2002-Abatix hires Mark Radachi to help facilitate our entry into the Homeland Security Industry. Homeland Security products were identified and a catalog was printed with the necessary products to supply to First Responders in case of a Bio-Terrorism attack. Abatix falls a few dollars short of the $60 million mark in sales.

2003-Abatix finds itself adjusting to a significant decline in the mold remediation industry. We focused on aligning our costs to the lower sales numbers. We installed a new ERP computer system that will help better serve our customer and create operational efficiencies.

2004-Abatix experienced another challenging year; however, our expansion efforts in the restoration industry, positioned us to support our customer base during the Florida hurricanes. This business provided a boost to our top line as well as our bottom line for the last half of the year.

2005-As the economy continued to improve, Abatix saw its business grow in all of its segments. We also received a significant boost in revenues from the Gulf Coast hurricanes. We hit $70 million in revenue for the first time in company history.

2006-Excluding the effects of the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the Company grew its revenues by approximately 9%.  In addition, to better position ourselves to support the environmental and construction businesses in the southeastern United States, we opened a sales office and distribution facility in Jacksonville, Florida in August.

2007-We continued to grow revenues during the year as the improvement in the industrial and construction markets resulted in a 4% increase. Since the costs related to being a public reporting company continued to escalate and we saw no near-term need to access the capital markets, we voluntarily delisted from the Nasdaq market and voluntarily deregistered from the SEC.

2008-Abatix proudly celebrated its 25th year in business in 2008. We posted record revenues of over $78 million and rolled out our Employee Stock Option Plan in accordance with our vision to support each and every employee. With the devastation left by the flooding in Iowa and Hurricane Ike on the Texas Gulf Coast, we were able to swiftly mobilize to assist in the recovery and rebuilding of those areas, even with our Houston location without power for over a week.

2009-We experienced declining revenues from our record year in 2008 due to no disasters this year and the recession in the U.S. economy.  In spite of the decline in revenue, we were able to reduce certain costs to maintain profitability without sacrificing our high level of customer service.  In addition, because of our conservative fiscal leadership, we have consistently maintained below average leverage to operate our business.  This conservative approach provided us the opportunity to look for options, which resulted in expansion of our business in California and Florida.

2010-This year was marked by several small disasters across the country and one large disaster in the Gulf states region, resulting in a record year for Abatix.  We continue to improve our response capabilities for disasters, as well as make improvements to our core business which has improved, but still shows signs of the economic recession.

2011-Our team members have done a remarkable job of continuing to build customer relationships which has translated to growth in our core business. Our conservative approach to the business has served us extremely well in our 28-year history. A strong balance sheet and continued profitability allow us to explore opportunities to strengthen our position in the markets we serve and expand our business so we can continue to improve the level of service we provide our customers.
Mission Statement

Our full resources will be committed toward our customers, vendors, communities, stockholders, and ourselves. This commitment will be achieved through excellence, quality and integrity.

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