Value Labs Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Satish Yarramsetti updated on Jun 2019

Hi, this Satish Yarramsetti

this is the values labs interview procedure and experince and everything

Position: Entry level software engineer


  Total 3000 students came for the first round, they have conducted the written test consisting of aptitude, quant,reasoning etc and this is easy.

with in 1 hour they have announced the results and shortlisted around 300 students.

they have conducted Group Discussions with 10 studets for each group.selected 4 to 6 6 each group.I was one among them.



2.Second Round(TECHNICA ROUND-1)


   After 15 days they have called for the technical interview.So one manager has taken the 1.interrview.he asked about my project

2.introduce my self


4.some programs


6.SQl queries, Computer Networks

7.and logical qstn: (a-x).(b-x)(c-x)---- upto z value=  0

8.OS, multi threading

9. Multi tasking.

that's it. After one month they have called my mobile and told u have cleared previous tech round come tomorrow for Second Technical Round.

  Interview duration:30 min



3.Third Round  ( ETCHNICAL ROUND-2)



1.  asked to introduce my self.asked some qstns here.


2. he told that you are choosen for QA position. and asked what is QA.i said.


3. what do u know about testing. and types?
i have said all


4. he has given me mobile and how can u test i.e black box testing and white box testing?


5. he asked about proceess model? types

i have said


6. he asked about SDLC life cycle and asked about individual..?
i have said.

7. he asked abt my project. i have told. he asked abt all technologies we have used


8. he asked abt access modifiers?

i have told all then


9. he asked to write a program including all access modifiers?

i have written.


10. he asked a query for " how to print second maximum salary of an employee table?


11. i have written that query usning Aggregate functions and inner loop


12. he asked a logical qstn? one duck can is in wall of depth 30m and the duck can jump 3 m per day and at end of the day it will get down 2m down? how many days it will take to reach out? Ans; 28


the interview lost long upto 30  mins