Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Question-Paper Contributed by Robert updated on May 2019

                                                     BHEL Question Paper

1) How many links in slider crank mechanism?

2) Deflection of cantilever beam subjected to end point load?

3) Stress concentration factor Kf =?

4) What is the unit of BHN?

5) What is efficiency of riveted joint?

6) Composition of Munz metal?

7) One shaft is subjected to torque 1700 N-m having shear strength of 40Mpa. Determine the diameter?

8) A reversible engine is working between the 600F and 60F. Carnot efficiency is equal to =

9) Coefficient of restitution lies between =

10) Pectlet number is equal to = 

11) Formula of effectiveness of heat transfer =

12) Emissivity depends on

13) Reynolds number formula

14) Production process for Al?

15) Thick metals welded by following processes…

16) Logarithmic decrement is given by =

17) Magnification factor at resonance is given by =

18) Cutting forces decreases by = a) increasing rake angle b) decreasing rake angle c) increasing relief rake angle

19) Some problem on Mohr’s circle radius…

20) Volumetric strain =

21) Pendulum problem Time is given length = ?

22) For undamped system Transmission Ratio is R then ?

23) Which is not related to CI engine = 
ans) spark plug

24) Cotter joint generally fail by

25) Which coupling is used for intersecting shafts?

26) No of teeth on gear and pinion is given, center distance is given, module = ?

27) Coefficient of friction and angle is given, what is ration of tension in belt?

28) What is lamis theorem?

29) Condition for self locking ……

30) Discontinuous chips can be produced by…