Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Interview Questions Contributed by Ashley updated on May 2019

                                                BHEL Interview Questions

Below are few question asked at the time of interview at BHEL :

Q. Why you want to join BHEL.

Q. What are your strengths?

Q. What is your favourite hobby?

Q. What preparations you have done for the interview.

Q. What do mean by 8085.

Q. How many types of microprocessors do we have?

Q. Do we have any 64 bit processor?

Q. What is RISC/CISC?

Q. What’s the difference between them?

Q. Do we use microprocessors nowadays?

Q. What are microcontrollers?

Q. What do you think the CPU we use has microprocessor in it.

Q. What do you think the other components are?

Q. What do think Pentium uses RISC or CISC?