Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Sapthgiri Colle Blore updated on Jul 2020
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Wipro visited our campus on the specified date. Wipro their selection procedure and recruitment procedure around 9 clcok the started Total 140 students were eligible and sat for the aptitude round.

Wipro conducted an on line aptitude It was AMCAT Test.wipro written test pattern was :-

Aptitude 18 questions 16 minutes
Technical : 25 questions 35 mins.
Logical : 14 questions 14 minutes.
Verbal : 18 questions 16 minutes.

The questions were not easy bit tough After this round 40 students were selected for interview technical and HR 

above 80% in their academic performances they directly entered in the interview process they are exempted form aptitude test

Wipro second section of recruitment round was -Form filling
They given a from to fill in which we were asked to fill some details. It included HR questions Technical Questions about your achievement about wipo company etc..,

This wasn't an elimination round. keep listening filling these forms It is whole details about your career

Wipro third round os Technical round and HR round 

Mainly they are asking basic C questions 

Why wipro. Tell me something about wipro.

Also I was given four puzzles. I solved 3 out of them.

Can you write a program to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit?
Can you write a program to count the number of chars in a text file.

Interviewer: What is the diff b/w both?
Me: Told some diff like advantage of non continuous.

Interviewer: what did do as a firefox ambassador technically?
Me: Nothing technically! but discussed about Firefox OS in a meet.

Interviewer: Oh! What is an OS?
Me: Told something like memory management, resource management, Interface etc

Interviewer: What is memory management?
Me: told

Interviewer: What is an interface?
Me: told something wrong.

Interviewer: What are the characteristics of an os?
Me: I don't know exactly.

Interviewer: what is kernel?
Me: Told about MBR and grub

Interviewer: what is the function of OS?
Me: blank but told something

Interviewer: What is the fastest memory?
Me: registers

Interviewer: Can you build a CPU with out using RAM.
Me: yes

Interviewer: Where do we use commands like grep, fork and some UNIX commands and asked me to write the syntax?
Mine Explanation was correct but syntax was wrong

Interviewer: What is a database?
Interviewer: What is a DBMS?
What is an entity?
what is a Data model?
What are the types of Data models you have used?
Me: Answered all of them but spoke something about schema

Overall wipro recruitment   was an awesome experience. By god's grace and parents blessing. I was selected.

In total 34 students were selected. Out of 140

I wanted to share my experience Because other people's experience helped me a lot :).