Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Narendar updated on Jul 2020
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Direction 1-5 :

 In each of the following questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error. if there is no mistake the answer is ‘no error’

1. Twice twelve / makes / twenty four / No error

  A              B              C                     D

Ans: B


2. The flight purser took control / of the plane after / the pilot had had / a heart attack / No error

A                                             B                                 C                     D                     E

Ans: C


3. My friend did not see me / for many years / when I met him last week / No error

A                                             B                                 C                                 D

 Ans : A


4. We grieve our loss and cry helplessly / while we should be fighting for our rights / and die a noble death / No error

A                                                                     B                                                         C                     D

Ans : B


5. Work hard / lest you will / fail / No error

A         B                     C         D

 Ans : D


Directions 6-10:

The following questions, consist of two words each that have a certain relationship to each other, followed by four lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that has the same relationship as the original pair of words.

6. Kangaroo : Australia

A) Whale : River

B) Elephant : Russia

C) Penguin : Antarctica

D) India : Peacock

Ans: C


7. Coronation : Reign

A) Vaccination : Immunity

B) Sculptor : Statue

C) Degree : Graduate

D) Summer : Rain

Ans: D


8. Grain : Salt

A) Chip : Glass

B) Blades : Grass

C) Shred : Wood

D) Shard : Pottery

 Ans : A


9. Scythe ; Reaping

A) Light ; Shining

B) Shears : Cutting

C) Saws : Gluing

D) Screws : Turning

Ans : B


10. Dislike : Repulsion

A) Dream : Sleep

B) Steal : Crime

C) Reputation : Behaviour

D) Intelligence : Wit

Ans: D


Directions 11-12 :

In each of the following questions, a sentence has been given in Active (or passive) voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested select the one which best express the same sentence in Passive (or Active) Voice.

11. His pocket has been picked.

A) They have his pocket picked

B) Picking has been done to his pocket

C) Picked has been his pocket

D) Someone has picked his pocket.

Ans : D


12. Someone gave her a bull dog.

A) She was given a bull dog.

B) a bull dog was given to her

C) She has been given a bull dog

D) She is being given a bull dog by someone

Ans : B


Directions 13-15 :

 Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete

13. He succeeded in getting possession…………..his land after a long court case

A) for

B) to

C) of

D) with

E) against

 Ans: C


14. Now a days Rajani is ………….busy to take care of her health.

A) very

B) too

C) so

D) extremely

 Ans: B


15. Had the police not reached there in time the bandits……………him

A) did have killed

B) will have killed

C) would kill

D) would have killed

Ans: D




The questions 1-2 are based on the following data

6 people A,B,C,D,E and F sit around a table for dinner. Since A does not like C, he doesn't sit either opposite or beside C.B and F always like to sit opposite each other.


1. If A is beside F then who is are the two neighbours of B?

(a) D and C

(b) E and C

(c) D and E

(d) Either (a) or (b)

Ans. (c)


2. If D is adjacent to F then who is adjacent to C?

(a) E and B

(b) D and A

(c) D and B

(d) either (a) or (c)



3. Complete the sequence A, E ,I ,M ,Q ,U , _ , _

(a) B, F

(b) Y, C

(c) G, I

(d) K, O




4. If the letters of the word "rachit" are arranged in all possible ways and these words are written out as in a dictionary,           

    what is the rank of the word "rachit".

(a) 485

(b) 480

(c) 478

(d) 481

Ans. (d)


5. Ravi's salary was reduced by 25%.Percentage increase to be effected to bring the salary to the original level is

(a) 20%

(b) 25%

(c) 33 1/3%

(d) 30%

Ans. (c)


6. A and B can finish a piece of work in 20 days .B and C in 30 days and C and A in 40 days. In how many days

    will A alone finish the job

(a) 48

(b) 34 2/7

(c) 44

(d) 45

Ans. (a)



7. How long will a train 100m long travelling at 72kmph take to overtake another train 200m long travelling at 54kmph ?

(a) 70sec

(b) 1min

(c) 1 min 15 sec

(d) 55 sec

Ans. (b)


8. What is the product of the irrational roots of the equation (2x-1)(2x-3)(2x-5)(2x-7)=9?

(a) 3/2

(b) 4

(c) 3

(d) 3/4

Ans. (a)


9. The total population of a village is 5000.  The number of males and females increases by 10% and 15% respectively and consequently the population of the village becomes 5600.  what was the number of males in the village ?

A) 2000   

B) 2500   

C) 3000   

D) 4000

    Ans : C


10. Fresh fruit contains 68% water and dry fruit contains 20% water.  How much dry fruit can be obtained from 100 kg  of fresh fruits ?

 A) 32 kg   

B) 40 kg   

C) 52 kg   

D) 80 kg

     Ans : B


11. If "segment" is coded as rffndou, then "ritual" is coded as

(a) shutbm

(b) qjutbk

(c) qhutbk

(d) qhubtk

Ans. (c)


12. If "football" is "cricket" ,"cricket" is "basketball" ,"basketball" is "volleyball","volleyball" is "khokho" and "khokho" is    cricket, which is not a ball game?

(a) cricket

(b) football

(c) khokho

(d) basketball

Ans. (a)


13. Which of the following is a recursive set of production

(a) S --> a|A, A --> S

(b) S --> a|A, A --> b

(c) S -->aA, A-->S

(d) None of these

Ans. (c)



14. A sum 's' is divided into 4 parts. second person gets Rs 10 more than first.3rd person is Rs 10 more than second, 4th is 10 more than 3rd.how much amount do 1st person get.

 Ans: (s-60)/4


15. One ship goes along the stream direction 28 km and in opposite    direction 13 km in 5 hrs for each direction. What is the velocity of stream?

Ans:  1.5 kmph




1. Predict the output or error(s) for the following:



            char string[]="Hello World";

            display (string);


    void display (char *string)




 Ans: Compiler Error


2. What are the values printed by the following program?

  #define dprint(expr) printf(#expr "=%d\n",expr)



    int x=7;

    int y=3;



a) #2 = 2        

b) expr=2        

c) x/y=2       

d) none

 Ans: c


2)  Parameterization generally involves

a .Data table

b. Random number

c. Environment

d. Both A & B 

e. Both A, B & C 

 Ans: e


3)  The file which is used for recovering from the run time errors known as


A.  QRS 




  Ans: A




4)  Among the following recording modes, which method uses both the objects and mouse coordinates

a. Normal

b. Low level

c.  Analog

d. All of the above 

Ans: b


5)  Where do you set the action iterations for a specified action?

 a. Action Settings

b. Action Properties

c. Action Run Properties 

d. Action Call Properties  

Ans: d


6)  Where do you mark an action as reusable?

 a. Action Settings 

b. Action Properties

c. Action Run Properties

d. Action Call Properties

 Ans: b


7)  After running a test that contains both input and output parameters, where can the results of an output parameter be found?

 a. Local Data Sheet

b. Global Data Sheet 

c. Run-time Data Table

d. Design-time Data Table 

Ans: c


8)  If you have a Virtual Object Collection stored on your machine, and you don’t want to use it what you must do?

 a. Disable Virtual Objects in Test Settings

b. Remove the Collection from your machine 

c. Disable Virtual Objects in General Options

d.  Remove the Collections from the Resources list

  Ans: c   


9. For a 25MHz processor , what is the time taken by the instruction which needs 3 clock cycles,

(a)120 nano secs              

(b)120 micro secs

(c)75 nano secs                 

(d)75 micro secs

Ans: a


10. For 1 MB memory, the number of address lines required,

( a)11



(d) 24

Ans. (c)