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 WIPRO PAPER ON 15th  JULY, 2008

1>aptitude test which consists of 3 sections..All the sections r compulsory...so give equal importance to all sections because there will b sectional cut off...
Those three sections r

2>technical interview
3>HR interview

Written test: It consists of 50Q  and the duration is 1 hr.  

20Q from verbal 

20Q from quantitative (topics: Blood relations,  time& work, tym & distance, probability, avg, areas, profit & loss, ratios and proportion  )

10Q from technical (topics: C , DS,    networks etc)

Verbal section:
1.synonym of persuasive.
2.one question on punctuation mark....ans is ( ;)
3.vinay ............that he knows four languages.
 a.)challenged  b.)vaunted c.).......   d.)........    ans b.)vaunted
->there were 5 questions on 1 small passage (easy).
->some questions like-  ....... : ...... : : ........ :   ?   ---i dont remember words.
1.If there are 20 socks in a box,10 red and 10 blue.in a dark room,how many socks one will have to take out to ensure that he takes out exactly 2 blue socks.   (this quest. was prev. asked by wipro...as i had seen it on freshersworld).
2.If a watch shows tym 3:15,then what tym will appear in the mirror? 
3.The length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:2 and area=216,what is perimeter?
4.there was 1 more quest. on area....i don't remember exactly.
5.A person has to travel 48 kms in 5 hrs at a fixed speed. But he covers first 24 kms at a speed 20%less than the fixed speed and the rest 24 kms at 2 kms. more than the fixed speed. what is his fixed speed?
(i don't remember ans. but once u get eqn. try to satisfy given options instead of solvimg eqn.)
6.1 more quest. on tym and distance->a person starts 10 min later than his usual tym.....etc (easy).
7.one quest to find the present age.
8.Water level is rising at a rate of x inch/hour (given data ).Each step of ladder of a ship is 1/2 inch thick and the distance b/n two steps is 8 inch. Three steps are already below water. How many steps will go below water level after 6hr 30min.
9.tym and work (simplest)->If A and B together can do 1/48 work in 1 day.........bla...(useless data)...bla.....
In how may days can they finish the work?   
10.there was one more quest on tym and work...i don't remember.
11.one or two problems on profit and loss.
12. Two containers of equal volume are filled 1/3rd and 1/4th of there volume by milk and water respectively. If both containers are poured into another container of double the volume of previous one and then container is filled completely with water. What is the ratio of milk and water in the new container. (something like this...i don't remember exactly)...
13. (A,B,C,D,E assumed...there name was given...)
C is son of B but B is not the father of C.Also A is married to B.D is brother to A and E is brother to C.
How many male members are there in the family. ( something like this...i don't remember exactly)...
ans-> 4.
TECHNICAL (quests are not in exact order...)
1.what will be the output
  int i=0;
  case 1:printf("..1");
  case 0:i++;
  case 2:printf("1...");
a.)..11...  b.)1.....1  c.) ..1  d.)none of these
ans->a.)..11...          (all cases will be checked as there is no 'break')
2.Which is not valid on LHS while declaration of an array a...(something like this...i don't remember exactly)
a.) i    b.)  i,ii and iii   c.) i  and iv  d) i,iii and iv
(basic idea is that address can't be initialized or manipulated)
3.What will be the postfix of  a+b*c+(d*e+f/g) ?     (expression was different) 
4.Which of the following has ovrhead of path establishment..... but provides single path for sending message....(something like this...)
a.)circuit switching   b.)packet switching  c.)message switching  d.)none of these
ans-> a
5.One long question on socket...some statements were given an we ahd to find which were true...
6.Which of the following is a correct identifier?
a.) 1name   b.) date of birth  c.) age year  d.) .....                
ans-> b
7.)which of the following represents mane with one or more alpahabet and ending with .txt and..........(something)....
a.)   *.txt...  b.) [a-zA-Z]*.txt/....     c.) [a-zA-Z]?.txt/......  d.).........
(its good to do  technical and analytic part first and then switch to verbal as they are more difficult than these parts.)
technical interview
Q->Ur favourite subject-i said data structure.
Q->So Pancuz ,tell me about yourself.
Q->write a function add that accepts value (passed by reference) adds them and returns sum as reference.
 int* add(int *a,int *b)
int *sum;
return ∑
void main()
  int x=5,y=7;
  int *sum=add(&x,&y);
Q->declaration of structure,structure variable,how to access structure member.
Q->inheritance(defn.),importance,private and protected members...etc
Q->link-list,how to create nodes,how to insert,what is 'new' for...(see malloc,calloc.....etc)
Q->binary-search...explain completely,also pseudocode.
Q->CPU scheduling,different techniques,what is round-robin technique...explain...
Q->what is -> int *a[15]
Q->What is paging,page table concept and advantages.
Q->She asked ur project is academic or u did for pesonal interest..i said personal interest...
But she didn't ask anything regarding my project...
(fortunately, all questions asked to me were easy)

-----some guys were also asked like...
Q->normal forms
Q->what  were the subjects in your last sem...signal from unix,OSI layers,
She gave me H-R form and said polish your 'c' before joining WIPRO.
H R interview

she looked at my cv and started asking like...Ok, Pancuz where do u live,with whom etc....
->i had written painting in extra-crclr actvts...so asked what kind of painting u do...tell me about ur latest
painting ...from where do u get these ideas...etc...
->who is your role model?why?
->What are your achievements in past that make u feel proud?
->where do u see yourself after 3 yrs?

then she was done and asked if i had any quest....