Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Swapna Ratnakar updated on Jul 2020
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I recently gave interview of WIPRO at AU engg collge VIZAG on 15th june n got selected.Wipro pattern (3 sections:verbal,analytical,Technical)


i)  2q’s were on correct the sentences
ii)   4q’s –u will be given a sentence ,u have to choose a word that has the same meaning .for E.g:

Large Scale of departure:a)emigration  2)Immigration c)migration

iii)     2 q’s –u will be given some letters with values assigned to each.u have to arrange them so that u get a meaningful word. For e.g.

in my paper I got HANDLE and POCKET


1 2 3 4 5 6


iv) 5 0r 6q’s –Fill in the blanks...U have to choose the inappropriate word (not suitable)    (read the question carefully)



1) avg age of girls and boys is 26 .avg  age of boys is 28 and avg age of girls is 24 .what is the ratio of no of girls and boys.



2)a person is running at a speed of 18km/hr After one  min a bomb blasts .Sound travels at 330m/s.How long does the man run before he cud he hear the sound??


3) Amount given on simple interest at a certain rate becomes double after 3 yrs .the amount becomes triple after 12yrs at a different rate. Which rate is preferable?


4)1 q on Profit and Loss

5)1 q on blood relations (refer to non verbal reasoning)

6)1 q on puzzle test.

7) in 1998 ,India has won 50% matches n has lost 40% matches .the no of matches draw were 40.how many matches have been played?  Ans: 200

15qs as were given I am not able to recollect them, now

Practice RS Agarwal (aptitude and Non verbal reasoning ) That is more than enough.


Numericals need not be same


 Main ()


Static char a[3][4]={“abcd”,”mnop” ,”fghi”}



a)will not compile successfully  b)prints a c)prints m  d)prints garbage

 Ans: b




  Int i=100;

  Int M();



   Int M(x)

   Int x;




a)prints 100   b)prints 101 c)prints error d)prints 1013        


3) main()


    Int i=7;









a)i+=10 is executed by child only

b)i+=10 is executed by parent only

c)The child can start executing only after the termination of the parent process.

d)none of the above


4) 27   |    8

a) 27             b)8                   c)2                 d)none of the above

5)  command in unix for removing all files

a)rm           b)rm*             c)rm *.*

6) which is used for storing pictures or graphics

a) mbr              b)mar         c)frame buffer  d)SDRAM

7) question on postorder ,inoder

15 q or 20 q’s were given


2. Tech.Intvw.

Abt project
Types of joins from dbms.

What is the use of indexing

Oops concepts

Abt datastructure and linked list


I was asked write a prg to check whether a given no is palindrome or not. And prg using datastructures to accept name,rollno,marks of a student.

Storage classes


3. HR
Describe urself
Abt family background

Why shud I hire u
who is ur role model

What will u do if u become president of India

What r ur achievements

How do u define success

Strengths and weakness

How will u sell urself to the company


Interviewers r very cool and friendly ,so don’t panic

All the best

Swapna Ratnakar