Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Rahul Joshi updated on Jul 2020
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Hi Friends,

First of all I would like to thank this website & those who shared their valuable experiences which helped me immensely..

I am a student of M.C.A. III, Dept of Comp Sc, Shivaji University , Kolhapur .. Wipro came for Campus Interview at D.Y.Patil college of Engg on 1st June 2007..

The placement procedure started at 10.00 a.m. with Pre-placement talk in which they gave us brief idea of Wipro as an organization ( The name WIPRO comes from Western India PROducts). They also gave details about the remunerations & facilities which will be provided to the selected candidates…


After the pre-placement talk there was an aptitude test… There were almost 550 students appearing for the apti..  

The Aptitude paper had three sections

1.     Verbal

2.     Analytical reasoning

3.     Technical


It had the usual format of synonyms/antonyms, replace the correct phrase, active/passive, direct/indirect, and complete the sentences with proper alternatives. In short it was quite manageable.. I don’t quite remember the questions..


It was quite unlike previous Wipro papers.. It had all the questions of a similar pattern.

e.g. Seven houses of colours Red, Green, Purple, Blue where 2 Red, 1 Purple, 2 Blue & 2 green.. No two blues are together, greens are not exactly before or exactly after Blue …@#…$%……… which colour is of house no. 3 ?
& such similar questions were there.. Just a little concentration & peace of mind was enough to solve them.. I solved almost every question perfectly..


Technical was as usual having questions from C, C++, Unix, O.S. etc. Manageable for computer background people..

Some of the questions were..

1.     Predict the output of prog..

2.     Binary equivalent of 375.536

3.     Ques regarding swapping (Virtual memory.. something related to dynamic address translation)

4.     Ques on fork() command..

…………….. & similar other types..


After the completion of the aptitude I was pretty confident that I will be able to crack it this time..( Earlier I couldn’t crack the apti of InfoSys & KPIT Cummins… So, friends just believe in yourself.. your time will come… surely) & I did it.. 93 candidates were short listed after the aptitude test..


After this there was Technical Interview round. They were asking a lot about DS, Basics of File handling, pointers etc..  

My turn came pretty late as there were only two technical HR panels.. I had to wait almost for 4 hrs.. Then they called my name.. I went confidently to the Technical H.R. 
  He asked for my resume & after going through it he just asked me about my language of preference.. (I had written C, C++, VB, Java in my resume) I said ‘Java’. Then he asked me all the concepts of Java..(Platform independence, Interface, & others…)

Some other questions he asked were…
1.  Difference betn C++ & Java
2.  Difference between Windows 98 & Windows XP.
This is a frequently asked question (an elimination one..) Some differences I told are..
-    Windows 98 supports Fat32 whereas XP supports NTFS as well.
-    98 is an extension to Windows 95 kernel where XP is based on Windows NT kernel.
-    Windows 98 doesn’t support Plug N Play where XP does.
-    Performance, Security, Hardware requirements…..blah blah..


He was quite happy with the answers I gave..  After that he asked me some concepts of Software Engg (SDLC, Black Box- White Box Testing, Alpha- Beta Testing, Unit Testing, System testing, Integration testing..etc.. Also some questions on UML.. like Actor, Activity, use case analysis….etc..) I couldn’t answer all of them but explained as much as I could..

After that he took a pause of 10 sec & gave me the HR form .. I was extremely delighted to see him taking out the HR form out of drawer..


HR Interview
My HR interview was taken by a lady HR.. She made me comfortable with her attitude.. Other than the usual questions she asked my native place.. I said, “ Kolhapur ”. She then asked me talk about Kolhapur for 5 minutes continuously.. which I did.

Her next question was, “What would you do if your senior authority is violating the rules of the company?”. I said I’d remind him about the policies of the company as politely as I can..

Finally I asked “How should one prepare before joining the company?”. She said, “He should brush up his technical as well as communication skills as much as he can so that it’ll be easy for him to cope with the training”


The results were declared at 12.30 a.m. Out of 93 short listed candidates 32 were finally selected.. I was more satisfied than surprised to hear my name among the selected candidates..  

So friends… Just believe in yourself… If you think you can, you can..  Hope my experience will help you to some extent..


See you at Wipro…..

Rahul R. Joshi