Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Prince updated on Jul 2020
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Hi Friends,

I had gone for an interview at WIPRO for ISA(Information Security Analyst)Profile.

The basic requirements were BSc IT/CS/Physics/Maths ,BCA,BCM with 50% marks in SSC & HSC

and 55% marks throughout graduation .
In all their were 4 rounds out of which 1 round was just a formality.

1.Apptitude :

In this round their were 160 candidates out of which only 40 got selected. The aptitude paper was tough little bit .But, could be cracked if you concentrate on English, Basic questions of maths and ratio ,then some simple technical questions like binary equivalent of 183 or decimal equivalent of some number then out of these which is a logical error,who invented Linux etc.

2. Job Profile and Essay(Formality)

This is a non elimination round. Here they tell you about the company and the job profile and the growth in this field . Then we were asked to write an essay on a topic ( Mine was " Job more in India or Foreign) . The main thing here in essay is that don't write lengthy essays . Just write some valid points that you could justify when asked to talk on that point.

3. Tech Round

This is a very important round. In this round the guy from the actual project asked me some questions . In the beginning he asked me about my self and what was I good at (I replied SQL). Then he asked me some questions on SQL like wat is table called in sql,

What is a Procedure ?, Function , Difference between them, Why is Trigger used and the syntax verbally . Then asked me whether SQL is a architecture or a language . If you dont know about something then say dont know .If you know little about that thing but its right then try to say that in sort of a conversation. He then formally asked me about my hobbies and an memorable incident related to my hobby. Then asked me various things like relocation then night shifts and all. Say yes to all this questions.

  4. HR

The final round was the HR. Then again he asked me about myself and all sort of things. Questions to prepare for :
  • What were you doing till this time(IF u hav a gap between exam getting over and the interview)
  • Tell me your strength ( avoid grasping power as a advantage)
  • Tell me about weakness (Ready with a example)
  • Why should we hire you .
  • I cleared all the rounds and was selected . They told me they would be getting back to me in

    about a week and they did. I got the offer letter from them within the week my role was

    Project Engineer on ISA profile.

    Hope so this helps you guys . Just shared my experience !!! :D :-)