Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by sriram updated on Jul 2020
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Venue:Jeppiaar engineering College
No of students attended:210
no of students selected:42

The interview consisits of 3 rounds.

1.Written test

It has totally 50 qns.


It consists of 3 or 4 synonyms and antonyms(always frm gre books).Its quite diff to read everything and remember,so have a guess on this and dont prepare much for this.
then active,passive,tenses,jumble sentences,short paragragh qns(comprehensions).
The verbal section is very easy only.No preparations needed for this one.
it had qns from
Heights and distance,clock,ages,permutations and combinations,probability,profit and loss,boats and streams,distance(trains)
A go through on R.S.Agarwal's Quantitative aptitiude book is more than enough.
memorise all the formulae in that book under each section and see the eg solved problems alone.
All the qns are always asked from this book only and hence a good preparation on this ll easily get you through to next round.
2 general questions
Which of the following will be loaded firstle when u switch on a computer

answer :bootstrap loader

apache tomcat software is a

ans:A popular cleint-server application

one qn from queue

3 qns from c nd c++(a small pgm was given and the output is asked)

1 unix qn,2 qns from operating systems.

this written test has a sectional cutoff
verbal and apptitude-12 each(they change often)
technical-5 or 6
So Getting all the qns correct from 1 or 2 sections ll not get you through.

overall the written test is quite easy compared with other app tests like hcl,infosys and all.

The results are announced in an hour.
the selected students were asked to write a essay on any one given topic in ten mins.our topic was-"Privatisation of education-your comments"

In the technical round,almost every panel asked to explain about our projects
So Have a very clear idea about it.Explaining it in a way satisfying to the interviewer itself ll almost get you through.
Mention your areas of interset in your resume. 1 or subjects is enough.Have a clear idea of all the concepts in that subjects.Dont mention c,c++ or java as areas of interest unless you are well verse with programming.
Some of them asked stud to write programs.Even if u dont know anything give a try and write something related to that!!

HR round:
Ther ll be only very few rejections in the hr round.
It ll be mostly a very general one like tell me abt urself,family like that!!

ALL the Best!!!