Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Rohit updated on Jul 2020
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Hello everybody.I m Rohit from Gandhi Institute Of Engg. & Technology,Gunupur.I m sharing my WIPRO campus recruitment xperience which was held in the in-campus drive.About 700 students satisfied the eligibility criteria out of which 51 got finally selected.By god’s grace I was among the lucky 51.

The written test composed of 3 sections.                                                                                                                                                

1)Verbal Ability

2)Aptitude & Analytical Reasoning


In the Verbal Ability qn. Based on fill in the blanks,antonyms,synonyms,idioms etc. were there.You also hav to correct the sentences choosing the answer from the options given.All in all the qn. was a standard one & needed time to do.It consisted of 20 qn.

The Analytical Reasoning qn. were good & consisted of problems on car parking,probability,profit & loss,time & work,train timing problem,sitting arrangement & time & distance.Practise of R.S Agarwal is sufficient for this.

The technical qn. were short & consisted of qn. based on logic gates,finding outputs,data structure,prefix, for loop,unix & what is used in the CRT monitor.A firm & basic knowledge can easily help in the technical section.

Now after the break through in written the technical PI took place.In this qn. based on stack,recursion,program on recursion were asked from me.Topics related to my Mechanical branch on internal combustion engine were also asked.So knowledge of branch paper is must as they will look for ur dedication towards ur branch subjects.

The last round of WIPRO was of HR PI.In this the HR persons just want an interaction with u on ur personal profile,family background,strengths & weakness & knowledge of their company.

So,friends b confident in ur answers & expressions as at each & every level they r going to check this in u in different manner.Hav a believe in urself so that at any time u don’t feel down & nervous.Also, presence of mind is must.So hope for the best to c u in the world of WIPRO.