Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Sourav Sahana updated on Jul 2020
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Hi frnds I’m SOURAV frm INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MARINE ENGINEERING, KOLKATA. I’m 3rd year ECE student and I thnk, I’m lucky because I hav got a job in WIPRO on 29th Feb, 2008. It was first campus in our col. They started off with a PPT, which is very attractive & encouraging. After that they conducted a test around 11-30 am. 176 stdnts appeared for 1st round.


There was 3 selection process in WIPRO:-





Total no of question:  50

Marks:  50 (each question carrying 1 marks )

Time duration: 60 mins

Section: 1)  VERBAL (20 QUESTION)


There was sectional cut-off , question paper was not very much tough. There was no negative marking.


U hav to practice it frm R S AGARWAL verbal & non verbal book & GRE barons. I guessed the unknown answer. Synonyms, Antonyms, fill in the blanks, sentence completion, punctuation, idioms, voice change, jumbled words, analogies. U hav to practice it. Similar meaning of MAJESTIC.


This portion was most easiest portion. If u practice it frm R S AGARWAL- quantitative apti book then u can find most of them r same type. Problem on ages, permutation, combination, train, work & time, mixture & allegation, simple & compound interest, probability, pipes & cistern, speed, problem on series(A.P., G.P.), profit & loss etc r important for WIPRO.


U hav to brush up ur C, C++, OS, Data structure thoroughly. ECE guys also will give their importance on digital electronics & microprocessor. Some ques I mentioned here-

1)binary digit of 172

2)excess 3 code of 32

3)Which is the volatile memory-a)RAM b)ROM c)Flash memory d)non of these

4)Marc Anderson is famous for which invention: a)Napster b)Netscape browser c)Microsoft messenger d)Scur virus.  Ans:-b)

5)’show the o/p’ related three problem.

 165 students cleared apti test. After that they called us for technical interview & I’m 2nd person in my panel. My interviewer was very much frnk with me.  



Int : Introduce urself?

me:  I am very energetic and ambitious person, always try to give my best in all of my work. Sincerity is also positive side of me to complete a work within time properly. I am dedicated, disciplined and flexible and try to groom myself as an industry oriented as well as job oriented. I am adaptable to changing work situations and environments. All works take as challenge, this is motto of my life.

Int: Why u don’t mention ur academics & family background in ur introduction?

me: sir, already I have mention it in my CV that’s why I not mentioned it.

Int: Ok, which is ur favourite subject frm ur CV?

me: Microprocessor(8085).

Int: why?

me: told him VLSI related ans.

Int: That means u will favour VLSI related work. So why u want to join in IT sector?

me: Sir now in INDIA 60% market are captured by banking & IT sector. IT sector mainly doing their project in banking sector & I think if I go into IT sector then I can fulfil my goal, i.e. I can be a part of reputed IT sectors project & also  I can get a chance to go abroad.

Int: Why ECE?

me: In our HS physics we have just the introduction of electronics & semiconductor, I feel the subject to be very interesting & want to know more and my parents & teachers had told me that u can go either software or hardware industry, that’s why I have chosen ECE.

Int: why u want to join in WIPRO?

me: From starting of my acads I’m not fascinated bout WIPRO. I know the brand name WIPRO. But after attending the seminer of Sonal ma’m on 13th December I felt WIPRO is my real destination. Because my objective in life is to acquire knowledge & I have heard that WIPRO is providing the best training. Also I met some seniors who joined WIPRO and they hav told me that “ if u want work, enjoyment and development then WIPRO is the place to be”. Lastly I was inspired by the philosophy of WIPRO, i.e. “Challenge for the Mind & Rewards for the Soul.”

Int: What do u know bout C language?

me: told.

Int: What do u know bout programming of C?

me: told.

Int: What is tree?

Int: What is linked list? What is the advantage of tree over linked list & array?

Int: What is preprocessor?Why u use IP address?

Int: What is the difference between 8085 & 8086? Mention various flag of 8086 & their function.

Int: So sourav u r pursuing a training?

Me: Yes sir I’m continuing Infosys campus connect training program which is conducting by our college.

Int: What is the objective of this training?

Me:   Enhance the education level of engineering students & groom them as an industry ready engineer, so that increase the employability of these students.

Int: he asked me some ques frm my training?

Int: Why we use algorithm?

Me: briefly explained him.

Int: do u know bout computer assembling?

Me: no sir, actually sir I hav laptop so I hav no idea bout computer assembling?

Int: ok, what is OS? Which OS u use?

Int: What is the difference between Pentium 4 & Pentium dual-core?

Int: what is SMPS? And difference it frm UPS?

Int: so, Sourav take ur HR form and fill up it. All the best for ur next round & don’t nervous there.

Me: thank u sir. Nice to interact with u.(handshaked with him)

If interviewer gives u the HR form then u r selected for next round otherwise u r rejected. My interview took 30-35 mins. Interviewer had asked me some others question also but I hav forgotten.103 students cleared the technical interview.  



I’m the 1st candidate in HR interview. There was a madam. My HR interview had stayed hardly 5-7 mins. Question asked on HR round.

1)Why u took this B.Tech course? Why not B.Sc, B.Com etc.?

2)What do u know bout VLSI design?

3)briefly explain me what u hav done in training?

4) If we relocate u outside West Bengal, do u hav any problem?

5) What r ur strengths?

At last they announced the name of selected candidate around 11-45 pm & 82 were selected. Frnds I’m telling u that never lose eye contact with the person in the TECHNICAL & HR panel. U hav to confident & smart approach.  




BEST OF LUCK..... SEE U IN WIPRO(Applying Thought).............................  


Sourav Sahana