Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Keerthi updated on Jul 2020
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  WIPRO PAPER - 28 MAY 2006 This is keerthi.. I wrote wipro test on 28th of May 2006. I would like to share my experience. First n foremost if its campus recruitment then listen 2 their ppt properly as quest in techni round n hr round is based on ppt.
Pattern: First section is vocabiliary, second apti, third is techni
Voc is very easy about 10 or 15 I don't remember the exact number, last quest was paragraph based on scientist research ....
tips fist read the ques on paragraph then read the para so that u have an idea on where 2 concentrate in the paragraph. Some of voc ques that I can remember r 1."stuck 2 guns" means options r firm with the attitude,.... Some other easy ques.
Aptit section do r.s. aggarwal buk that will b more than sufficient. many ques r copied 4m agar without even changing numerical values.  1.ques based on data interpretation little tough and lengthy based on birth rate.... 2.quest based on numb seqence 1 12 231 1231 13222 ..........some series in this fashion very lenthy series. v were supposed 2 find next line of the series. tip is go through the option and solve.
3.ques on blood relation tip draw diagram and solve. quiet easy
4.quest on simple interest and compound interest something like s.i-c.i=sum this ques was diretly 4m aggarwal with same numericals.
5.que based on no. of men 9 men do some work in some days and how many days will 13 men take. easy one.
Technical 1.for loop condition to print 1 12 123 1234 ..... 123...n 4 options were given like for(I=0;I<=j;I++) some more options try and solve this problem
2.questions basedon data struc,C,Unix,C++
3.ques on c++ {classes object1: ..... protected object2: .... Object3: } which object is not accessible by main program.i don't remembr the qu properly
3.ques based on networking. when u switch on compu some problem due 2 network .....answer is in ques itself easy one.
4.easy ques ans is clipart.
That's all I can remember.10 ques in voca, 20 on apti, 20 on techni I am not sure.There is no neg markin so try and answer all the que. First ans the ones u know properly set about 5 min 2 mark the ones u have left unanswe. but sectional cutoff is there. For ECE students cutoff is different(I heard ). 4 ec students cutoff is less in techni section and more in apt section.
Technical interview
This is the round where they try 2 eliminate most of them. some hr ques also might b asked like tell me about yourself. 
Strength weakness, willingness to work in team, basic ques on 8085, 86, c, c++, Like difference b/w c c++,86 and 85,expansion of conio.h, how  tv works, cdma technology basics.

They might ask u 2 write programs like swapping, palindrome using pointers. circuit diagram and algorithm for voting pad. they will ask how many codes have u written till now. mainly they check ur confidence level. at last don't forget 2 ask quests. like details regarding training some more quest that shows that u r interested in the job.

Once techni is cleared HR form is given which contains some questions on hobbies,ready 2 sign the bond....semester vise marks......
Hr round they check ur attitude and communication skills.some of them were eliminated in this round also.so b careful while answering think and answer. some of them who didn't do very well in techni round were asked technical quest in hr round also. I think techni interviewer will intimate hr person about candidates efficiency in techni skills. so try and do technical round well 2 aviod tec ques in hr round. some general ques like tell me about yourself.strngth. what friends say about you. what parents say about u. when they came 2 our campus every candidate was asked 1 elimination ques : why are your marks decreasing? 

That,s it Gud Luck to all....