Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Rameshgavva updated on Jul 2020
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  WIPRO PATTERN - 20 MAY 2006 - NALGONDA Hai, I selected for wipro in our college (SRTIST--nalgonda) on 20th MAY there are total 3 rounds for selection process 1)written test(verbal--15,apptitude--15,technical--20) 3 verbal questions from previous papers apptitude -->its my favrate subject technical ---> total questions are from C and UNIX commands,protocols 2)Technical Interview in this round the interviewer asked questions on C language 1)storage classes in c 2)about macros 3)swapping 4)write a program on how to find biggest number from given 3 numbers using only one printf 5)binary tree(he has given 20,30,40 from these three wht is the root node,wht is left, wht is right node) 6)he asked me two puzzles what are the 4 weights used to find 1 to 15 kgs i said 1,2,4,8 then after i have receive WIPRO form from TI 3)HR Interview in this round hr asked quesons on tell about urself he askd more quesons on my hobbies what is software? and some questions on c++,loops in c language about my website my family background achivements finally he has given one topic(is it nessry to young people enter into politics) i said yes and i have written one paragraph on that topic) after completetion of HR, technical interviewr came to me and said "UR SELECTED" out of 31 members in hr round -->27 members are selected (Paper Submitted By : Rameshgavva)