Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Rishabh Gupta updated on Jul 2020
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  WIPRO PATTERN & INTERVIEW - 10 MAR 2006 - NOIDA Hello    Guys I want to share my experience of WIPRO TECH Banglore which came for recruitment in NIET, Greater Noida (UP) on 10th March 2006   Usual Process, first written test, technical interview
and finally HR interview. More than 20 colleges were invited.
Around 1000-1200 students appeared out of which around 300 qualified for technical interview, out of which around 150 appeared in HR
Interview. Finally 80-100 students got the WIPRO TAG.   I was Selected in WRITTEN TEST, had cleared the TECHNICAL Interview
but was unable to clear the HR round (I feel bad after the results for two days but soon I analyses where I went wrong in the final stage)   ------------------------------------WRITTEN TEST---------------------------------------------------  
Total Quest: 50 objectives (No Negative)
Time alloted: 60 Mins
Timings: 12:30 - 01:30pm   VERBAL: 15 ques 
Comments: English test Was Normal. Simple Synonyms-Antonyms(2 quest)
2 quest on arrangement of jumbled sentences. few quest was really tough but who says to trouble your mind on every quest.  
APTITUDE: 15 ques
Comments: Normal Aptitude questions, i cant tell you the specific books as i had not prepared like that.   TECHNICAL: 20 ques
Comments:  Questions were based on the subjects of CS Branch. Like C
language programs output, theoretical questions on Binary Tree (around 3-4)
questions based on Unix, Operating Systems etc. I am from EC branch, but still i was able to solve around 8-10 questions  correctly. _________________________________________________________________
Results declared at 5:00 Pm. Students from outside Noida Colleges were
to interviewed first so i was in the first interview list.
Timings: 9:30 pm and last for around 30 mins
---------------------------------------Technical Interview-------------------------------------------- Single Panel Member, in all 14 Panels were there.
My Panel mem was a cool young guy(age around 25).
My entry. Granted permission to sit. He took my Resume & started his Pistol of questions.
Q. tell me about yourself
Q. tell me about your family background 
Q. Directly looking on to my resume he asked me that why personality
    development is necessary for one as i mentioned my interest in books of
    Personality development?
Me:I ans that a nurtured and cherished Personality have an effect on everyone
and a company finds it easy to mould that personality according to their
requirements.(he was convinced)
Q. Why unix is not much famous in India. ( I said about the rare availability)
Q. Do u know C language?
Me: I know it as it was in our curriculum in 1st sem but now i m not in touch
of this language.
Q. What is the output of this Program?(A prog of pointer was written on a paper) (Pointing to that prog he said that the same question was asked in his first interview)
Me: I will try my level best to solve it.  ( But i was unable to solve that)
Q. What is your most favourite subject in EC?
Me: Sir, I like Digital Electronics.
Q. Tell me your 2nd most favourite?
Me: I like Computer languages like C.
Q.  Can you implement NAND gate with NOR gate?
Me: Sure sir, I did it in less than a minute.
Q. Lets check your circuit?
Me: fine sir He started checking and made some mistakes, then he ask me to correct
those. I did it very well by correcting the Truth Tables what he had made.
The circuit was perfectly alright.(He said to me that you are a circuit master) Q. Ok Rishabh What is your final year Project? 
Me. Explained it in Brief but with clear concepts.
Q. What are the assumptions you have taken in your project?
Me. Explained that Then he gave me few suggestions to improve my Project.
Suggestions to CS branch students: Thoroughly revise your Project &
prepare basic concepts with some common terms definitions. Q. Will you work if we change the designation form Program engineer
to any other?
Me: Definitely sir. I want to start from the first step.   Finally, he gave a WIPRO FORM which was to be filled by those who qualified
for Hr Interview _________________________________________________________________
After filling the form, I had my HR Interview. Timing around 10:30 Pm.
Interview last for 5-10 mins.
--------------------------------------------------HR Interview-------------------------------------------
This time a single women of age around 30 yrs. Q. Describe yourself.
Q. So rishabh you read books.
Q. which type of books you read.
Me: Books on personality development
Q. tell me the name of the book you last read.
Me. Magic of thinking Big by D Schwartz.
Q. What you get from that book.
Q. What are your areas of improvement?
Me: wnat to be more dynamic, i am more emtional at work so
i want to improve on that.
Q. Why you feel that your emotional nature creates problem for you?
Me: I was unable to convince her on this point (i think that i lost the
battle here) She said thank you very much & i leave the room. I came out and
feeling relaxed after several hrs of tension & stress. Results were sent to the respective colleges on the next day morning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   (Paper Submitted By : Rishabh Gupta)