Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Amit sharma updated on Jul 2020
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Hi......all     selection procedure of wip is same ... 15 verbal , 15 analytical,20 tech. questions. there is individual cut off for each section so prepare well but i prefer u too be technically  sound. let me tell u most of the ? fom my exam                                                                    VERBAl   1.   read n  fill  blanks   in all comp. simplicity is the most ....(a)....... virtue.u shd write in a....(b)........ nn strt fwd manner. The choice of words shd be discriminating. Try to use ...(c)..... words smthng.  Donot allow poetic images or.....(d).... to spoil the grace>>>smthng>>>>especially if the relevance is......(e)...... a) admired b) simple c)difficult d)not sure but "pictures" e)doubtful   2.  problem on punctuation mark---- wt qualities of a 1 act play hv u noticed in the play?    ans is (b) "  "   3.  my prep. for exam.........(thorough)......   4. similar to ORVIATE ANS) PRECLUDE .5.  word whc does not belong to same category......ans is "clergywoman" 6.  misspelt word  .....halucination>>>>it is spelt as hallucination 7. active passive voicec problem 8. direct indirect 9.  most inappropriate word in the line     The rice ration was drastically reduced.>>>>>>ans -- slightly 10. replace the underlined phrase 11.  choose the correct word ..  amateur is ans.    this is all abt verbal....                                                            ANALYTICAL     1.  A photo 10*15 inch to be enlarged..so tht eidth will be 22 inch  n ratio of width to length will be unchangedthn length will be..... ans) 33 2.  A is twice fast as B  n B is thrice fast as C , C covers in 60 min how much time  A take? ans) 10 min 3. farmer buys 3 hens , 2 pigsn 4 cows  frm a mna who has 6 hens , 5 pigs n 8cows..thn how many choices?? ans)14000 ways (try it simple one) 4. row of students after interchanging wt will be the position ....... ans) 15th 5.. series question    BEH, KNQ,TXZ ......... ans) CFI 6.  next term   1:02   7:12   2:03  3:04    5:06  11:12   ........ ans) i don't know  try urself 7.  man earns 100 put 80 in saving rati of money earn to saving ans)5/4 8.  ? on pedulam ... 9.   house having 35 ft, 8 inches long wall ....thn in inches it's value is ans)428 10. man want to rch the window wh is 40 ft  abv ground.The distance from the foot of the ladder to wall is 9 ft.how long shd the ladder be? ans)41 ft.                                                                       TECHNICAL   1.OUTPUT      main{ int i=3;  while(i) {  int x=100;   cout<