Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Bunny updated on Jul 2020
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Whole-Testpaper |   20687

Hai i made it through WIPRO.I immensely owe this success to Freshersworld.com

First section is written !)verbal 2)aptitude 3)technical verbal 1)She said to her friends"Lets go for a walk"(change to passive voice)  four options are given 2)Another question on conversion of  active voice to passive voice. 3)Idiomatic expression 'To Weather a storm' ans-To survive a crisis 4)correction of sentence based on punctuation 5)Insertion of suitable word into sentence ans-Having seen 6)Another question on insertion of suitable word into a sentence 7)Identify a word which nearly matches the meaning  8)A passage on International league of organizatios some what tricky but easy Questions were no repeated from previous papers APTITUDE: here ques were repeated from previous paper. paricularly paper posted by MURALI KRISHA,NUZD,18 MARCH 2006  turned out to be very useful to me. All APTITUDE ques came from that paper. TECHNICAL all basic ques covering C,C++,JAVA,DBMS TECHIALINTERVIEW:   VERY  TOUGH .MAXIMUM ELIMINATION ROUND.BE THOROUGH WITH ALL BASICS. HR INTERVIEW: JUST FORMALITY BUT BE CAREFUL.   MAINTAIN EYECONTACT  WITH THE INTERVIEWER.BE CONFIDENT.MAINLY I REPEAT MAINLY "BELIEVE IN GOD" I SINCERELY THANK MURALI KRISHNA   FOR POSTING THE PAPER. ANDABOVEALL FRESHERSWORLD.COM