Wipro Technologies Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Srikanth updated on Jul 2020
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hi frens wipro visited JSSATE on 2nd aug, 2007.. The selection procedure had 3 rounds

1. Aptitude

2. Technical interview

3. HR interview


A total of 133 students attended the written test..

Aptitude test: the test started at 9:45 a.m, the paper had 3 parts

a) verbal (15 ques)

b) analytical (15 ques)

c) technical questions (20 ques)

all three sections were in a single paper, u can start with any of the sections u like, no negative marking, sectional cut off was there..


Verbal section: this section had ques like antonyms, synonyms, correct spelling of the word, direct to indirect speech, indirect to direct speech..

this was the toughest section for me, bcoz some words were diffucult to pronounce..

i had marked around 5 correctly n rest of the ques to try my luck..


Analytical: this section had some ques on quantitative aptitude from r.s aggarwal and also some ques frm r.s aggarwal verbal & non-verbal..

this part was a bit easy but was tricky coz most of the answers were difficult to answer by solving them.. i solved most of the questions by elimination method, and substituition method..

(elimination method is the elimination of wrong answer frm the given options one by one, and finding the correct answer)

(substituition method is by substituiting the given options in the question and marking the answer which matches the question- this method is  easy when the ques r lenghty)


tip: read the ques n all options first b4 starting to solve- coz u may get the answer without solving itself sometimes as some options will be irrelevant to the question.


Technical section: this was the easiest section for me as im a computer science student.. attempt this section first if u r technically good n have a technical background.. coz some questions were the basic definitions such as " the protocol used for remote login- telnet" so u can answer these quickly n utilize that time for analytical section which usually needs some xtra time.. this section had some questions on C, C++, UNIX, Data Structures, operating systems, Comp n/w, and also some questions on electronics which are very basics-DAC is used for? ans: to convert binary bits to analog voltage or current..

the cut off for this section is non-uniform i.e., for CSE n ISE branches it will b around 12 and for others it will b less than half of that.. the questions on C were on pointers frm test ur C skills..


The test folded up at 10:45a.m sharp, and the resluts were out at 11.20 itself.. out of 133, 54 students cleard the written test..


Technical Interview: technical interview started in about 20mins, my turn came at around 1 p.m. it went on for around 25mins.. my interviewer was very cool, first he introduced himself, n then asked me " tell me something about yourself" i said about my schooling, pu college, my cet rank and score n my favourite subjects.. my fav subs were 8086 mp, C& data structures, comp n/w, Operating sustems.. at first he asked me to write a flow chart for mod 10 downcounter, i wasnt sure about the figures used to dentote various operations, but i wrote that in short time n showd him confidently( if u r confident about ur answer n write in short time he'l not even look at what u write)


then he asked me various uses of pointers n their advantages, some questions on routers n switches, IP, fragmentation, paging, virtual memory, page replacement alogrithms, process scheduling, some ques on DBMS and a small program on 8086( i was good at 8086 programming so i flashed the progrm in seconds in confidence though it had some bugs but he didnt analyze it deeply)

i was a bit poor at C++ and unix, so whenever he asked me questions on C++ and unix i answerd them abstracly leading him back to 8086 or CN, so u can lead the interviewer to which u r comfortable with instead of getting eliminated..


i had done two projects- one in 5th sem the other in 6th sem.. my 5th sem project was on 8086 mp to build a 2pass assember, which i had done on my own but i wasnt having enough hold on my 6th sem project (2D- graphics editor on C++) which i had downloaded frm the net.. so i explaind him only about the 5th sem project successively.. then he asked me about my prefered location for work, i said " the domain is what which matters me,not the place where i work".. he was impressed with all my answers n handed me a DATA sheet n said Mr. srikanth nice meeting u, plz fill this sheet.. i greeted him n arranged the chair back n came out..  

NONE of the CS & IS people were filtered in this round but 8 were dropped from E&C..


HR Interview: My HR was a lady, she was very cool and as soon as i went in she askd me to get seated.. then asked about my family background.. i answered her with smiling face without panic.. then she said " i dont knw anything about football can u tell me whats that game all about?" i didnt know much about football but i was able to explain it fluently but when she asked me how long will the game last for, is said 40mins for each side with a break of ten mins in the middle, though i knew that the answer was wrong i said it confidently, then i had mentioned in the datasheet that my expectations frm wipro r " fast growth, performance based insentives, respectalble salary" , she asked me wat do u mean by respectalbe salary, i said neither too high nor too low but shud match my talent, then she askd me wats ur talent n rate urself, i said i rate myself at 8 out of 10, she then asked me then how much shud i pay for tat 8, i said around 3 lakh per annum, (so think twice while filling the data sheet-HR refer only this not ur resume) and then she askd me to wait for the result.. then atlast i said i have a doubt n asked her that what does that rainbow flower signify in the wipro logo.. she explaind me with enthusiasm.. then within 30mins the final results were out..


out of 54 who were shortlisted for tech interview 38 were selected..

i was one among them,, the entire process got over at 3:45 pm itself.. this shows that how professionals wipro people r..