Wipro Technologies Interview-other Contributed by Sruthi updated on Jul 2020
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It was a long way for me to go from the past 2 semester & to be very frank with u its not too easy to keep yourself cool and calm when you found all of your friends were recruited in some of the reputed companies. However, through this period of time I had learned many important things of life .Life is made of happiness and sorrows. Now you have to choose your way, you have to prepare accordingly. First of all fix an aim of your life i.e. what do u want to be in your life, though I realize it lately but thank God that it’s not too late!!! Another suggestion to all of you is don’t think all the time that some wrong will happen positively with you; think twice the reason behind your thinking. Do you think that you are the most unlucky person of the world? NO that’s not true. Everybody have one and only one day in their life to break the ice, wait for the right moment, don’t loose hope, never ever in the whole life.

The whole selection process for WIPRO INFOTECH was held in Hooghly Institute of Technology, on 24th and 25th January 2008. There were three rounds in the selection process… Aptitude test, Group discussion and Personal interview (both technical and HR). All total 23 students (out of them 8 are from our college) are selected out of 100 (approx) students.

APTITUDE TEST: its almost easy, there are three parts in the paper…Verbal, Quantitative, Technical. All total 45 questions were there and the time duration was 1 hour. There was sectional cut- off, so you have to clear all three sections. In Verbal section, there was an English passage and some questions were there from the passage. There was voice change, rearranging of sentences, synonyms, antonyms etc. Technical questions are from C, C++, UNIX, networking etc.

GROUP DISCUSSION: The topics are:::-
1> politics in W.B. whether it helps the growth of W.B. or not.
2>women are better manager.
3>Tata’s nano car of 1 lac- is it a boon or a bane?
4>20-20 world cup win – is a result of hard work or luck?

25th January morning – its almost a rainy day………

PERSONAL INTERVIEW: 48 candidates were interviewed.
I entered the interview room... it was on the 2nd floor of the main administrative building of H.E.T.C.
They asked me some HR question…like about yourself, family background, relocative or not……….
Then asked technical questions from Microprocessor, Digital Electronics, Fiber Optics Communication, Communication ……

Then they asked me whether I am able to answer from C, C++…but as I am from non It background. so they did not asked so many questions from that………
They scrutinized my CV carefully…….asked me some question from there also…
However be  ur interview, never be over-tensed, try to tackle the situation in favour of your-self. it doesn't matter whether you are a master of all the subjects or not…..they were just testing our adaptation power, smartness. and yes you must be strong in your own field…….
Try to prepare at least two to three subjects of general streams. like microprocessor, digital, C.

My interview last for 20 minutes… 4 hours later around 6.45 p.m. they announced the result and its my pleasure to tell you that I am one of the 23 selected candidates. Thank to GOD, the whole WIPRO team,. Thanks to all my friends, family members………Wishing you all a very best. and willing to see you  all  in WIPRO INFOTECH……………