Wipro Technologies Interview-other Contributed by Sonal K Ghoradkar updated on Jan 2021
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Hello friends.......! I got selected in Wipro......! want u people to know @ its selection procedure......

it has 3 sections
English :- synonyms, antonyms, jumbled sentences, comprehension quite easy but make vocab through.....

Quanti :- % profit/loss, time distance, number series, intrest very easy.....

Technical :- C, C++, Database syatems, JAVA n all tech Q's b very clear @ your concepts.... we had sectional cut off, no upper cut off, NO NEGATIVE marking (so feel free to guess) 

for me it was very east just ask to 4myCV. then @ my favourite sub. i said up 8085. so he asked very simple Q's lik how many pins, wap to add 2 no's, y students lik 8085 more (than 8086),   @ C :- diff between structure n union, @ Data structure..... my tech interview was hardly @ 10 min then he gave me HR form..... (so if u people r given the HR form means u  have cleared tech round)

me: May i cum in Sir.....!
Sir: yes plz.....
me :thank u Sir.
Sir: tell me abut urself?
me: bla bla bla..
Sir: where u failed in TCS...?
me: in tech.
Sir :- so were u dis heartned....????
me :- no Sir. (then he ask y i answered)
sir: Y WIPRO ???
me: i was lik ??? (told sumthin that its ont of the top most INDIAN IT comp.)
Sir :- so y not INFOSY....???
me :- coz u came b4 them.
Sir :- what if they hav came b4 us.....???
me :- (after thinkin a bit) i might hav appeared 4 there apti also.
Sir: what do u know @ r company.....????
me: told sumthin... (then whatevre i hav filled in HR form)
Sir: Y  u think that temper is ur area of imorovement......???
me: answered.
Sir: tel me @ your family. (in all genersl Q's fill ur HR form carefully they wil ask Q's accordingly)
Sir :- ok sonal wish u best luck (n shaked hand with me)
me :thank U Sir. 

"when your luck will favour you nobody can stop you"