Wipro Technologies Interview-other Contributed by Cijo Thomas updated on Jul 2020
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General - other |   30203


Hi all i got placed in Wipro technologies via our placement cell. here goes the test and interview details!

Selection Proceudre: Writeen Test +tech+hr
1) Written test
50 questions - 60 minutes- No negative marking-work sheets wil be given

verbal -15

There was 3-4 question to palce the sentences in correct order.
Some word  relations.
Some questions to replace with one wordd etc

Questions from probability was there (2)
Then all the rest quesion were of  similar pattern!
eg: houses are numbered 1-9.. 1 house is pink.. 2 are red. 2 are green.. etc etc
And certain conditions are given.. like 2 reds are not together.... Green is not neighbour of orange .. like tht!

SIMPLE RULE-->> Check the final question before reading the entire conditions! To solve some questions one doenst have to read all the conditions! STRAIGHT ANSWERS WERE THERE IN QUESTION!!
all the quesion were of similar type..

technical quetions
Question from C mainly
to check usage os STATIC variable, one q with switch case.. etc it was simple if u are aware of basics!
Then there was a lot of question from LINUX os!! Which i couldnt asnwer ! its was tough since i havent learnt linux!
a comand like --> Cd ../..  was given ,, its use is to move 2 directories upward. (thts the only i rememebr)

Thts it with the written test!
about 400 wrote of which 180(appro) cleared written.

For computer science students:
Some panels are too much technical question From OS, wht is os, functions, dead locks, semaphores, hold and wait, process handling, etc etc ( leard it well .. else u wont make it)

then i was asked WHT IS INTERRUPT? who handles it?  wht will happened after interrupts are given.. is there any priority for interuutp? etc etc

Then question from Stackm,Queue,  etc ( i was asked to write a pgm oto implement stack using pointers...  quite simple.. but REMEMBER TO CHECK END Conditions.. ie if the size of stack is 100 make sure u check if stack size is above it before pushing!!)
some were asked to write recursion programs OTHER THAN normal fibonaci and factorial.. better write traversal of tree using recusrion! thts easy!!

For non - cs students simple questions from C only asked. Most people said they were not asked even one tech question! Only HR like question in tech also! like self intro, why WIPRO? hobbies etc!
abour 100-110 cleared TECH.
then we wil be given HR form where we have to fill Strength weakness etc!

IN HR some are asked about those weakness etc
Some were asked about general questions like WHAT IS liberalization adn globalization? wht is bpo?
wht u know about WIPRO? About ur hobbies, dreams, why software field??

My HR was the shortest HR!!
Was a stress interview.. straight away he asked me WHY ARE NOT SHAVED?? (i haven't shaved ;) )
since he was asking with anger i got real tensed and said like " no reason sir"  
he said" u are so casual for an interview"
i ( regained balance somewhat)- i dont think ext looks are of much importance in the field..
then he"sorry, u are so casual.. i cant clear you"
i said" ok. fine"
then he said" u can leave"
me smiled and said "Thank You sir"

I was looking for infosys so went out happily since i was out!! But when results came I WAS selected!! (:-o OMG) So always have hope!!
my brother( working in wipro for almost5 years) said the interviewer was tesing how how behave when FIRED! and since i smiled and said thnx before leaving he selected me!! (i think so)

Prepare well..... And all the best!

Cijo Thomas