Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Madhu Mohan M updated on Jan 2021


Hii frnds I am Madhu studying BE EEE from AU College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam. WIPRO visited our campus on 15th and 16th of this month.134 candidates out of 700 were selected from our campus...I was lucky enough to be one of them 

It was a good experience and must be shared
Written test....consistes of 3 sections
1.) Verbal.....15 questions....very simple english grammer like active passive voice,direct indirect speech
2.) Analytial...15 questions...from time work...time distance..and some simple mathematics
3.)Technical....20 questions...a bit difficult..but can manage to clear cut off....mainly C and Unix...and DS also included

Test duration 1hr. 290 out of 700 cleared written test...and this is major criteria for short listing. every section has individual cut-off

Technical Interview
me:) Good mornning sir,
In:) good morning, take your seat
me:) thank u sir
In:) Tell me about your self
me:)told...blah..blah..I said I have great intrests in programming
In:) Ok, can u say the meaning of APEX
me:) Its like success,height,peak..sir
In:)Ok then..will u write a program for me
me:) sure sir!
In:) write the program for QUICK SORT
me:) I hav don'y hav a clear idea on quick sort sir
In:) Well, then I will expain you wat is quick sort...wll u write!
me:)definitely sir!
In:)explained...I wrote the program
In:)diff. between C and C++
me:) told
In:)Ok madhu wat do u want be..a programmer or networks_____?
me:)Programmer sir.

thats it he gave the HR form and said All the Best. 

HR Interview
I waited for 5 long hours for my turn.
me:)good afternoon sir
hr:) very good afternoon..take your seat
me:) thank you sir
hr:) Tell me some thing abt your self madhu
hr:)about your family
hr:)strengths and weakness
hr:) Wat is your aim in life?
me:) to grow to a career with grater power in your esteemed organization sir.
hr:)ok..wat do u value most in your life?
hr:) why WIPRO?
me:) told,,tht it is largest R&D sevice provider..and spoke abt its spirit and Innovation
hr:) Wat if not select you?
me:)I will try for the next company sir
hr:) ok If ur the prime minister  of India for one day wat will you do?
me:) told
hr:) ok madhu very nice taking to you..have a nice day
me:) thank you sir and hav a great day sir.
tahts the end,

at 5:30 hrs results were announced..and I am in WIPRO. just be confident..it will definitely work for you
all the best c you in WIPRO