Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Amandeep Garg updated on Jan 2021
Hai Guys,

My name is Amandeep Garg, Btech CSE, I m fm Punjabi univ, Patiala.
I m selected in wipro on 22nd june.

Here I m writing my whole experience, hope dis ll b helpful to u.
The selection process consisted of three rounds.

Round 1: Written Test

Sec A: English 15ques(a bit tough)-I dint prepare anything fr english  but I managed it.
Sec B: Analytical+Quant 15 ques, quant was easy based on rs agrwal, ques frm direction sense, time nd wrk, time nd distance, pipes nd cistern interest, partnership etc were thre.statements of analytical reasoning ques were very long, four ques came,i did them by seeing options and I was able to solve all.
Sec C: Technical 20 ques-quiet easy if u hav read subjects well in ur semesters, I was nt able to answer ques fm Unix. only 1 ques fm dbms,
rest 3-4 ques fm evry subj (C, C++, data struct, OS, Unix, netwrkin)
output programs were thre fm C.
papers was having sectional cutoff, nd time was 60 mins. no negative markin was thre bt i attempted only those on wch i was confident. I attempted english-12, aptitude-13, technical-16.

Round 2: Tech Interview
After one nd a half hr, results came nd i was thre in d shortlisted candidates. My no was 4th. All three candidates were rejected bfore me but I was confident.

I entered d room calmly. thre was one gentleman sitting.
I wished him wrongly. I said good afternoon, but it was evening time. but he took it lightly. he asked me to sit down. then he asked me for my resume, I gave to him. He got thru my cv nd asked me abt my achievemnt. I hold A+ grade in All
India Science aptitude test. I explaind him.
then he asked abt my project-railway reservation system. after briefly explaing synopsis of proj, I spoke a line-sir it is based on client server architecture. he
stopped me, nd asked me to tell abt client server architecture. I explained him thoroughly.
then he said,"hav u used any database to implemnt ur proj", i said i implmntd it using files since i didnt revised files, i gave a diplomatic answer, i said sir at that time wen i was designing it i was having gud knowledge of files, but now i ll nt b able to recall some of the practical aspects of it but u can test my knowledge.
he the dint askd any ques abt files.

he said, so u r well aware of client server, tell me how chat server works (messengers)
I told him in my own wrds but he stopped me after 2-3lines. i think he wanted me to speak some keywrds like ip address,dns srver etc. then he came on my subject of intert-data structure.
he asked me abt
wt is link list, use of link list, static vs dynamic mem allocation.
diffrence btween array implmntation nd link list implmntation of binary tree
i explaind him all
then he gave me a tree and asked me to write its post order traversal, I wrote it successfuly.
then he said wt is d diffrnce btween syntax, logical, run time error.
fortunately, I was able to answer all d ques well.
then asked some ques lik why do u want to join wipro, if infy gives u gud package will u leave wipro or not nd why
then he said I m impressed u possess gud knowldge, then he handed me my HR form. HR form meant my tech intw was clear. I was thre in abt 35 mins.

Round 3: HR Interview
I filled d form,nd waited fr hr intw. my turn came after an hour. madam who gave d ppt was thre in d room.she was vry soft. I wished her, she asked me to sit.
tell me abt urself 
I wrote my hobby as cricket, she said so u mst b knowing abt sachin,
I said yes
so tell me d qualities in him dat inspire u, I answered his sportmanship, humble, attitude which makes him  a legend.
tell me somethin abt punjab, I explained her evry gud quality of d state.
telle me abt ur family background,
why u were not selected in Infosys, since infy came bfore Wipro in our campus,
she gave a question at wch we both laughed.
aish, priyanka, sushmita in front f u, u will b choosing whom?
i said aish, why? 
physical apperance, gud actor, beautiful evry gud quality.
then she asked me to leave nd wait fr results. about 20 mins I was thre with HR.

Three hrs later results came, I was thre nd PLACED. I thanked to god. I wish all my fresher frnd shud b placed. plz help oders dont hesitate. as one day u will b needing help yar. I was having bad experince wth Infy and Accenture, but I thank god I m placed in no 2 IT compny of india.

Total nearly 190 sat in writen, 60 shortlstd in tech,  33 shrtlistd in hr, 29 shortklisted.